Why do you suppose so many people are looking for free reverse cell phone lookup information? The only way to really find an accurate name or address from a cell phone number is to hire a professional. There are also dozens of web sites that are link farms or offer low discounted prices and no customer service.
Going back to my stats from search engines like Google, I thought it would be interesting for people to see just how many people are searching the following phrases in a 24 hour period.
This is a list of terms related to cell phone searches phrases performed in Google in August 2007 with the projected number of times the search was requested in a 24 hour period. Here’s how cell phone information ends up in private databases that charge industry professionals like private investigators substantial monthly fees as well as transaction fees to access their databases. Financial institutions sell or share personal information but offer a way to opt-out if you read the fine printed privacy notice.
You get the idea, it’s pretty much impossible to keep your cell phone number out of these databases.
Thousands of companies are compensated for all personal information they sell, trade, or share somehow.
Some of the private data companies will offer free information online, however the databases they typically offer for free are historical or contain older information.
The bottom line is; if you want to get current, accurate, up-to-date cell phone searches, hire a professional. Also be sure whoever you hire to conduct your cell phone search requests has a satisfactory Better Business Bureau track record and is a BBB member in good standing. This entry was posted in Cell Phone, Lookup and tagged cell phone lookups, cell phone number reverse look up, free reverse cell phone directory, phone number search, reverse cell phone, reverse cell phone lookup. I really believe that although there are free public records available online, it is more advisable to consider paying little amount of cash for a reverse phone lookup expert.
Can you recommend a good performance reasonably priced site that can look up both numbers and text numbers as well?
Unfortunately, since 2006 it is against the law to obtain call records without consent from the party or a court order. It is really important to know who calls you, but make sure to think twice if you are being offered with free cell phone lookup information. Their is an app for the blackberry phones called white pages mobile, its not completely free but it costs around $6 and once you own it you could get unlimited cell number searches free. Many times it might be a wife that has the phones in her name and wants to find out where her husband is… Do Not tell me that there is no one out there that wants to know!!! I had a comment that someone tried to publish and they asked a question but since the user tried to enter an anchor text link back for their name instead of a legitimate name I didn't publish it.
While there are many sites that offer reverse phone lookup services, there is no cell phone directory. I've been in the data industry for over a decade and have seen countless affiliates come and go. That's where hiring a professional investigator to conduct a verified reverse cell search comes in handy.
With all of the telemarketers and scams going this day, nobody wants to answer their phone blindly.

True that these reverse lookup number services are a mish-mash of databases, but the most reliable ones are accurate, and give you information that you would otherwise have to dig around quite a bit.
We are unaware of any law that prevents someone from obtaining the name and address associated with a cell phone number as of this date. Some of these cell phone databases claim to be a cell phone directory but in reality are probably not updated on a regular basis and are just a bunch of cell phone numbers obtained from various resources. Basically you get what you pay for so if it’s free, it is probably not going to be very current. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This verizon reverse cell phone directory that is free will have you getting the information you need in only minutes. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Every person that browses the Internet and uses its services, leaves behind a digital trail that is stored on web servers. Using all these sources of public records, social networking information, and other shared information on the Internet, some sites track the identity of an email address owner, free of charge. There are many con men on the Internet, that send you mails, talking about you having won a million dollars in lottery or other such offers, which are aimed at duping you. If you are suspicious about a business offer, mailed to you and need to verify whether it's an email scam, just copy-paste the email id of the sender and go for a Google web search. Discussions will exist on online forums, where the email ID of the same sender might have been put up. Another way of running a free lookup is to contact the sites hosting the sender's mail account. Using any of the alternatives mentioned above, you can use the lookup service to at least track the name of the owner. While such reverse email lookup services do make tracking spammers and con men easier, they can also be used to track your personal information, which can be used for nefarious purposes. I mean really, there are literally thousands of searches every day on all the various search engines from individuals trying to get free cell phone number reverse look up information. It’s mind boggling to think this many people need to find out information about cell phone numbers.
I truly wish there was a way to deliver accurate information for free, it’s just not possible. Keep in mind that old numbers or outdated information is still viable, but it doesn’t really help the majority of people looking for the most current information. This person can provide more in depth information and can easily track down the origin of the call.
Basically whatever shows up on your caller ID when that cell phone calls a landlines phone that information will be available, so if the phone shows wireless caller then that’s what this app will give you but if the caller ID shows the persons real name the app will give that to you. Since thousands of new cell phone numbers are issued every day and a proliferation of prepaid cell phones, we see less than 30% of cell phone numbers have names or addresses associated. I have a site that does the same thing and my site runs about 93% correct if you base results on refunds. So if you include refunds in your base results that means 7% of your customers are paying for nothing.

The only way to really test a service is by requesting information on an invalid or known number. Most of the online resources that advertise free reverse cell phone lookup searches really just try to sell you access to a multitude of databases. Read to get an answer to this question and know how to track people down, from their email addresses. Also, many services like electronic mail are offered, free of cost, by sites like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.
However, when I searched around on the Internet, using the Google search engine, I found some sites that can actually track the name associated with email addresses.
The very basic information, including the name of a person is made available for free, while if you ask for detailed information, you must pay for it. If you want to track down such con men, you can use the reverse email lookup service on the Internet.
Chances are that if it's a scam, there will be other people out there, who have been contacted by the same person.
This will immediately pop up in Google search and you will know the truth about whether it's a scam. If you are being threatened by emails sent by somebody, you must take help from cyber-sleuths and contact the support team of the site that holds the email account of the sender.
So be careful and do not share your personal information online, unless it's really necessary. This is simply a search to see if the investigtor can locate a name and address associated with the phone number you have. Then what you need is a free reverse email lookup service, offered by some sites on the Internet.
However, when it comes to tracking personal information, including name and address, by using the email id, phone number, or cell phone number, it is hard to find free services. These sites, with the consent of the users, directly display personal information on the web, which is accessible to search engines. Using such websites, you can track the identities of people who mail you information or spam your inbox. Most of these sites are social networking aggregators, that gather data, through information shared on sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Orkut. If you are unsure about what you need or want to discuss your particular case please feel free to call us during support phone hours as posted on our contact us page. Besides that, people register their email IDs in public records, that can be accessed, free of charge. The name of the email ID owner can be had for free, but if you want to dig for more information, you must cough up some green bills.

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