Some cell phone owners are thrilled when they get their new smartphone, but paying for insurance can amount to a little more than a person is willing to dish out. There are a number of applications that can help a person locate their phone, including Find My iPhone and Plan B for Androids, the media outlet reports. However, there are some cheap ideas for keeping a phone safe and functional, according to The Business Insider. Not only will this tell the owner where their phone is, but it will notify them if any personal information was accessed.

A recent report by a cell phone insurance company reported July to be the most dangerous month for cell phones, and June and August follow it. This way, if it starts to rain, the owner can place their phone in the bag until the rain has stopped.
A good case as well as a scratch protector screen for the front can save a phone from shattering, the publication reports. It is important to not turn the phone on, use a hair dryer, microwave, oven or put it direct sunlight.

In addition, there are a number of great, but affordable cases that can protect a phone from water damage, according to the news source. What a person should do is dry off the phone as best as they can with a towel and then put it in a bowl of uncooked rice, which absorbs the moisture.

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