People are still working on new technology but they are not sure what will futuristic phones should look like! We can also have different ideas and views of what technology (cell phones) could be like in 50 years!
The launch video featured Jony Ive explaining that iPhone 5c was ‘unapologetically plastic.’ There was a strategic plan to head off the potential negative by boldly proclaiming it as a positive… Unfortunately for Apple, creativity can be a double-edged sword. The ‘unapologetically plastic’ line in the product video was so interesting and memorable, it got played back over and over in articles about the lackluster demand for iPhone 5c.

He has also written for Wired, Playboy, Boing Boing, Popular Mechanics, VentureBeat, and Gizmodo. My wife has had a Samsung dumbphone for many years and recently decided to upgarde and got a 5C, her first smartphone.I am amazed at the quality and finish of her phone. Whenever I see a headline that says Apple failed atmeeting expected results, I know it’s from a source that really just need some clicks. Instead of producing a truly new iPhone model, they stuck iPhone 5 guts into a plastic shell.

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