A gallery of falsely colored transmission electron micrograph images captures the presumed order of events when the HIV virus buds from the surface of a T-lymphocyte white blood cell. Thai soldiers learn about AIDS by grim example as they view a victim's body at a hospice run by a Buddhist monastery.
A scientist in Franceville, Gabon, removes hair and blood samples from a cooperative chimpanzee. National Geographic explores how we can feed the growing population without overwhelming the planet in our food series. Get up close with some of the world's most fascinating underground communities, from gangs to cults to organized crime families. As the global population soars toward nine billion by 2045, this corner of Africa shows what's at stake in the decades ahead. Comic Doug Stanhope stands up for Johnny Depp, says actor is being blackmailed by wife Amber Heard with abuse charges Comic Doug Stanhope says that Johnny Depp's wife Amber Heard planned to blackmail him. Summera€™s first Manhattanhenge is a bust, with cloudy skies and expected rain likely ruining photography event Looks like therea€™s no rays of hope for Manhattanhenge this week. NO THREADS ON ME: Libertarian Party chairman candidate strips to underwear, dances instead of making speech at national convention This Libertarian doesna€™t want his freedoms stripped a€” but his clothes are a different matter. EXCLUSIVE DEATH AT JUNIOR'S: Man found dead from apparent drug overdose at Brooklyn branch Cops found the 59-year-old man inside a bathroom stall at the famed restaurant. YWCA victim opened the door for her killer who stabbed her 80 times Women at a Brooklyn YWCA were reeling Sunday a€” hours after one of their own stalked the halls with a knife before killing a neighbor.
Man, 20, shot three times while playing basketball in Brooklyn A 20-year-old man was shot three times Sunday while playing basketball in broad daylight in Brooklyn, police said. Two dead, including gunman, in wild Houston shootout that left police officer and five others injured A shootout in Houston left one innocent bystander and one suspect dead and at least six injured Sunday morning.
BLOCKED AFTER BEATING CANCER: Leukemia survivor wasn't allowed to walk with graduating classmates at Ariz. Colorado scenic train conductor killed in fall from her train on Royal Gorge Railroad A Colorado train conductor died after she tumbled out of a train on the scenic Royal Gorge Route Railroad Saturday night, police said.
3 people still missing, 4 dead after flooding in Kansas and Texas At least three people were still missing on Sunday after torrential rain in Texas and Kansas flooded rivers. Two men killed after being hit by trains in Queens, the Bronx Two men died in separate incidents after getting hit by a train in Queens and the Bronx early Sunday, police said.
Georgia sheriffa€™s deputy shot in face during traffic stop; suspect arrested A Georgia sheriffa€™s deputy was shot in the face after pulling over a car on a highway southwest of Atlanta Saturday night, police said. JEALOUS RAGE: Queens biker who opened fire on SUV along Long Island Expressway was ex-boyfriend of woman in the vehicle A Queens motorcyclist opened fire Saturday night on a car driven by his ex-girlfrienda€™s new flame a€” while she and her young son were inside.
NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY: Statue of Liberty at risk of being destroyed by global warming, according to UN The Statue of Liberty welcomes your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, but keep your global warming. Obama refused to budge on cutting anti-terror funds The Obama administration a€?stuck to their gunsa€? on slashing nearly $300 million in anti-terror funding.
Tropical Depression Bonnie brings rain on Memorial Day This is some depressing weather news. Three people shot and injured near fraternity barbecue in Bronx park Three men were shot at a fraternity cookout in the Bronx Saturday night, cops said. Sanders calls out 'dumb process' Democrats use to pick nominee Democrats are using a a€?dumb processa€? to pick their presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders said Sunday.

Rubio apologizes for 'below the belt' remarks about Trump's appearance While the Florida Senator is now backing Donald Trump, he ruled out becoming Trump's running mate.
PRIMATE PANIC: Boy, 4, falls into cage at Cincinnati Zoo, gets dragged by 400-pound gorilla a€” boy rescued as animal shot dead A 4-year-old boy was lucky to be alive Saturday after falling into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo in a horrifying incident that ended with the 400-pound primate being shot dead. ISIS, Syrian opposition clash near Turkish border ISIS militants entered a Syrian opposition stronghold in the countrya€™s north on Saturday. Trump to go huge for nomination speech at Cleveland stadium Trump is plotting to deliver his speech at one of Clevelanda€™s largest sports venues. Record holiday travel expected, Takata talks sale, and more We've also got a report about Apple's EV charging ambitions, Ford's 610-mile Energi range, and more in today's Daily Drive-Thru. SEE IT ELECTRIC Z'S: Tesla driver asleep at the wheel If the future is napping while driving your car, sign us up for the future.
VIDEO: a€?The Fast and the Furiousa€™ returns to theaters The first of the now eight Fast and Furious films will return to theaters to celebrate its 15th anniversary. PHOTOS The 600 hp 2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo is a supercar slayer Nissan's GT-R is a twin-turbocharged middle finger to traditional supercar, and the 2017 model just got even better thanks to Nismo.
MEMORIAL DAY SPECIAL 8 Important Decisions to Make Before Buying a New Car Buying a car is no easy task. BUTCHERED: YWCA resident in Brooklyn fatally stabs neighbor 80 times, barricades herself before surrendering to cops The 56-year-old resident at the YWCA on Third Ave. FROM FIRES TO A HIGHER CALLING: Retired FDNY captain cheered on by ex-colleagues as he answers holy call as newly ordained Catholic priest He's now a first responder for the man upstairs. Person struck by F train in Queens A person is in critical condition after being struck a train in Queens early Sunday, police said. Man, 22, charged with murder for April shooting at Wagner Houses in Harlem A 22-year-old man has been charged with murdering a man in Harlem last month, cops said Friday. Thieves shoot at off-duty cop in botched Bushwick robbery An off-duty cop dodged bullets when he became the victim of a botched robbery attempt in Brooklyn early Saturday, officials said. Bronx gangbanger gets 25 years in prison for stabbing murder of immigrant teen A Bronx gangbanger was sentenced to 25 years in prison Friday for the murder of an immigrant teen. Perv architect taunted, flashed, harassed gay employee: lawsuit A prominent architect harassed a gay employee with "f----t" taunts and offers of sex, a new lawsuit claims. AG Eric Schneiderman wona€™t investigate fatal police shooting of Queens man The attorney general's office said that the case is "outside the parameters" of the attorney general's scope. THESE LESSONS HOLD WATER: Queens teachers use boat building to teach ESL students about science and tech A dynamic teaching duo is merging their loves of science and boating into a project for ESL students in Queens. SALUTE TO SAILORS: Take a look back at photos from Fleet Week, a New York City tradition since 1982 Since 1982, the City of New York has hosted Fleet Week to show its appreciation to the sailors and Marines who serve our country. Here is what Terry Collins will be looking for from Matt Harvey in next start Matt Harvey declined to speak to the media again on Sunday in anticipation of his next chance to turn around his wretched start. Michael Pineda to stay in Yankeesa€™ rotation despite MLB-worst ERA Apparently being the worst pitcher in baseball - at least statistically speaking - isn't enough to cost Pineda his spot in the rotation. See what Syndergaard tweeted ahead of Sunday game after Saturday ejection Noah Syndergaard wants the Mets to know his arm is good to go after his 34-pitch outing against the Dodgers on Saturday ended with a third-inning ejection. Find out what edge the '96 Bulls will always have over the Warriors For the '96 Bulls, the playoffs were mere coronation. Rookie Alexander Rossi wins 100th Indianapolis 500 The rookie managed to conserve fuel while the leaders pit in the closing laps Sunday.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna will make millions off first photo of their baby They're Kashing in on the baby already. McCARRON No need for Mets to embarrass Matt Harvey with trip to DL or Triple-A Even if Matt Harvey flops again Monday against the White Sox, the Mets cana€™t succumb to all the yellers.
Mets' Familia blows up in 9th, Utley, Dodgers skip town with win The Mets will not see Chase Utley a€“ or Clayton Kershaw a€“ again unless they meet the Dodgers for the second straight year in the playoffs. Pelicans guard Bryce Dejean-Jones wanted to start charity The parents of New Orleans Pelicans guard Bryce Dejean-Jones said their son planned to start a charity to repay is community. Mets' Noah Syndergaard wants another shot at Dodgers out of bullpen Before Sundaya€™s rubber game, Syndergaard tweeted, a€?Ia€™m fresh. Soccer star Alan Pulido kidnapped in Mexico Mexican soccer star Alan Pulido was kidnapped Sunday in the northern border state of Tamaulipas, a state official said. Starlin Castro home run is Yanks' lone hit in 2-1 win over Rays The Yankees proved Sunday that quality - not quantity - is what matters most.
Rookie Alexander Rossi wins 100th Indianapolis 500 The rookie managed to conserve fuel while the leaders pit in the closing laps Sunday. The virus particles attack T-lymphocytes, stealing their genetic machinery, thereby forcing them to produce more copies of the virus. He learned to use clean needles in a Doctors Without Borders risk-reduction program aimed at lowering the numbers of people passing disease through dirty needles.
Sex workers are at high risk of contracting HIV and AIDS—unprotected sex is the primary method of spreading the disease. Ninety-four out of every hundred HIV-infected people live in developing nations, where currently available drug therapies are largely unaffordable. Researchers believe that an evolving AIDS virus first spread to humans from wild African chimpanzees, which suffer from a similar virus called SIV. Maxwell Lawton gives himself a weekly testosterone injection and takes a plethora of prescription pills.
Hundreds of sailors party with 'Walking Dead' star, Playmates Several hundred thirsty sailors and civilians enjoyed some Sunday fun at Pier 84. Five kittens and a rabbit rescued by firefighters from burning Brooklyn building Five tough-as-nails kittens were rescued from a burning Brooklyn building Sunday morning. Monstrosities, megamouths and mysterious beasts will once again devour the airwaves on Animal Planeta€™s annual Monster Week, starting May 26. Tony Finau accidentally hits woman, makes up with flowers It was far from a romantic gesture, but Finaua€™s visit to a female fan, which included flowers, chocolates and a card, surely cheered her up. How giving up alcohol is the fountain of youth Liquor is quicker when it comes to premature aging a€” giving up alcohol restores your skin, health and energy sooner than you realize. Cambodia's AIDS epidemic is the worst in Southeast Asia, with about 4 percent of adults infected. Though fighting the disease was "a full time job," Lawton lived more than a decade longer than doctors predicted.
As these are a vital part of the immune system, the disease severely weakens immunity, making victims susceptible to seemingly harmless infections.

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