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Another wing is mostly a massive hotel that at one point may have been grand but now seems grandly abandoned.
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The newer mall called Central Airport Plaza could, at cursory glance, be a mall in America.
Architecturally, it’s a mix of heavy Communist brick, 80s movie theater color schemes, and Thai-style slapdash construction. One set of escalators leads from a sad ethnic food area that seems lost between the parking garage and abandoned pet stores to two floors of internet PCs and gaming stations that are barely used. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The major differences are a sprawling basement food court that serves only fresh Thai dishes and a large marketplace for cell phones and other electronics. There aren’t any pullouts for dropping off people, so vehicles continually jam the curbside lane.
Tucked in a dark and claustrophobic corner is a kiddy play-land with ball pool, carousel, and all kinds of shiny, colorful coin-operated rides. When you buy a ticket, you have to wander around a bit to figure out where the entrance to your screen is. If your mount ever loses suction, run the gel under water, air dry, and the suction will be restored!
It’s not easy to run errands here as whatever you need is usually a few different stops on the motorbike.
Beyond this is a large, utterly abandoned area that looks like it had a toy store, daycare, and kid’s food court. Sometimes, a wooden wall will lead down a hall as long as a city block to a single locked door. Marvel at the secure feel and have confidence that your phone will hold fast, even over bumpy roads.
For a larger phone, you can orient the head facing towards the base and lean the phone against it for added stability.

Much closer is an old-school behemoth of aging bricks and metal called Central Kad Suan Kaew.
The optimism that led to its unrealistic construction is an innocence that allows people to straddle between two Thai worlds. The conference hall for the hotel can only be reached by wandering around in complicated darkened spaces behind the movie theater.
The courtyard has a spirit house and a large fountain with a mosaic dragon snaking around the pools. To go to the bathroom at a movie, you have to walk down dimly lit, tiled halls that resemble a subway. There’s an abandoned ice rink built above a black light lit bowling alley and across from a karaoke bar. That businesses are still open in this area is confusing, as you have to walk through labyrinths of abandonment to get to them. All sorts of stores spiral up the 6 floors; each floor offers something a little different.
The pale skinned Thai teen whose never worked a field wouldn’t even bat an eye if a ox was wandering around the mall.
There is an acceptance of disorder here, an unspoken agreement between history and progress. People dig through bins of discount clothes, haggle for cheap used phones, order corn with their ice-cream, people watch, dine inside glass walled restaurants.

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