Cell phone batteries can be charged with a simple solar panel and USB Car cigarette charger.
Based on voltage measurements with different solar panel angulations, the small bubble lenses really work. So what happens when the solar power panel is taken outside and a USB car charger is connected? The voltage trend shows spikes – meaning the Nokia 3110 Classic stops charging for a fraction of a second and then continues. During the test run the Nokia 3310 was switched on and connected to a cell phone network all the time. So even on partly cloudy days a solar cell phone charger does work - if the phone is switched off. It has 2 solar cell strips connected in series underneath a glass plate with many small bubble lenses.

It doesn’t matter that much if the solar panel is 20-30 degrees off from being prefect perpendicular towards the sun.
Connecting the USB car charger with 5 Volt USB output drops the output voltage to about 11,5 Volt. The small current is apparently below the charge threshold so it cuts out shortly – then continuous again because the charge voltage is still there.
Switching it off while charging on a cloudy day most likely leaves more charge current to go to the battery. Clouds passed over and the voltage output of the solar panel dropped below the charge threshold. So here’s the other end of the spectrum, a real example of charging a cell phone battery using a solar cell phone charger in winter time. Thus, charging the cell phone battery will take much longer – assuming if it charges at all.

Then the sun suddenly started to shine and solar panel voltage jumps to about 13 volt with the Nokia 3110 connected.
Best case the battery was charged for 30 minutes at 200 mA - the max Amp rating of the solar panel.
The BL5-C battery is rated at 1020 mAh - so at best 30 minutes of full sun added 23 % more.

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