Aluminum is one of the most durable material options offered, with excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions. Polyethylene is a rust free, chip and crack resistant plastic (in white or yellow) treated for digital and screen printing.
Polyethylene signs are an economical alternative to aluminum signs, without significant compromise on durability. Firefighters said five workers with Sabre Communication were adding reinforcements to strengthen it when the fire started. As flames were shooting out of the tower, firefighters said the workers had to rappel down to safety when a bucket wouldna€™t lower them down fast enough. One of the workers may have had chest pains at the scene, but all five workers are expected to be okay, officials said. Engineers have determined the tower will be able to stand on its own until crews can take it down piece by piece.

The well-known bar The Barn and a restaurant were both evacuated and traffic was detoured around the area for much of the day. Traffic was allowed back on 17-92 through Sanford, but 13th street will remain shut down in the area until crews can remove the entire tower in the coming days. Download the News 13+ app for the latest News, Weather and Real Time Traffic at your fingertips. Get instant Breaking News, Weather & Traffic alerts delivered directly to your cell phone or email with News 13 NOW.
Every Monday, News 13 salutes an Everyday Hero making a positive difference in Central Florida.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Bright House Networks. This instant ability to communicate with people we know and don’t know raises safety and courtesy concerns, especially for children.

The structure was destroyed and it was going to come down,a€? said Matt Minnetto with the Sanford Fire Department. That's why News 13 created Project Weather to help provide kids with the information they need to stay safe. Project Weather is made up of interactive educational resources to help prepare students for the future. And I was really surprised to see that were having an issue with it,a€? said Carol Everett, who works nearby. Are they bullies themselves, using text, email, voice, and instant messages, or photos to embarrass, upset, or insult other students?

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