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In the last year, LG has grown from an also-ran into a respectable player in the smartphone game.
You’re far less likely to drop an LG G2 than a Galaxy S4 because the buttons are precisely where your fingers lay naturally. Overall, the LG G2 has a large 5-inch screen, but thanks to its button placement, thin profile, and tappable screen, it shouldn’t be too big for most of you. You’re far less likely to drop an LG G2 than most other big phones solely because the buttons are precisely where your fingers lay naturally, and you can tap any part of the screen to unlock it.
The problem with LG – like Samsung, Sony, and other phone makers – is that its phones are getting so full of little features and apps that they’re insanely cluttered.
Again, this is a problem on most high-end phones these days and it’s not a deal breaker, but it’s a growing frustration. If people do still talk to each other on the phone, they won’t have a problem doing it on the G2. If LG had found a way to make this thing water- and shock-proof, we might have had to give out our first 10 for a phone.
The LG G2 is available at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon right now, and will come to Sprint soon.
Experience the power of Android 2.1 OS with the satin pink Sprint Samsung Intercept smartphone. Take pictures and capture video with the Sprint Samsung Intercept cell phone's 3.2 megapixel camera that also functions as a camcorder.
Its phones still aren’t selling as well as anything from Samsung, but its not because they’re any worse. Aligned vertically, the volume up, power, and volume down buttons sit in the direct center of the phone, right under the camera lens. AT&T subscribers, your LG G2 pretty much looks as LG intended it, but the Verizon G2 has a few odd changes. If you’ve used a Samsung Galaxy S4 (or seen one), this phone has almost the same exact dimensions. There isn’t anything that stands out about it, which could be seen as a negative, but it gets the job done and doesn’t get in your way. If there are a few apps that you want to save (freeze in place) for long periods of time, just swipe from the right side of the screen with three fingers.
If you’re getting a call, you can lift the phone up and it will answer automatically, for example. Most of the apps that come from it at least appear to be somewhat useful, or serve a purpose.

Thanks to the ever-increasing number of features included, LG’s Notification tray is so crowded that there is hardly any room for notifications. Nokia’s 41-megapixel camera is several steps ahead of anything else we’re going to see on a smartphone for some time. Though voice sounds horrible on almost all phones, we didn’t have any trouble hearing or being heard any more than normal on the G2.
It’s comfortable to hold, has the fastest hardware on the market, has a battery big enough to last more than a day, it packs twice as much memory as competitors (though doesn’t have MicroSD), and its camera is at least as good as the competition. It costs $200 with a two-year contract and about $575 to $604 if you buy it out of contract. The Sprint Samsung Intercept has the capability to keep you updated and informed with your online world via 3G high speed and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Sprint Samsung Intercept keeps you current with Sprint TV, YouTube, NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, Sprint Football Live and Sprint Zone.
The Samsung Intercept ensures you can share your images and video with relatives and friends via multimedia messaging. Use GPS for your travels, ThinkFree Office to stay productive when on the move and Google Calendar, Event Reminders and Memo Pad to keep you on track. Audiophiles and spec junkies should flock to it, and will be available on every major carrier. If you’ve been lucky enough to own an Optimus G, Google Nexus 4, or Optimus G Pro, you’d likely agree. The screen is nearly edge-to-edge, the device is dead thin at 8.9mm, and there isn’t a button in sight. The near universal reaction to this new button placement is “weird,” but after trying it out, the benefits become clear.
The glossy plastic shell (polycarbonate) is a complete fingerprint magnet, and the volume and power buttons are about half the size of the regular version. The unlock screen has a very cool fizzing animation and the G2’s apps, home screens, and menus are fast and fluid. The pull-down Notifications menu has a lot of functions built into it, including what LG calls “Qslide” apps, or little apps that sit above your regular screen, allowing you to do stuff like use a calculator while in an app or on the Web.
But I had to spend a half hour helping a friend clean up the interface of an LG Optimus G phone so her dad could use it the other day. In Quadrant, for example, the Verizon G2 scored 17,700, which is far higher than the 12,000 or so that the GS4 and other top devices can manage. The G2 has a great 13-megapixel shooter that’s about on par with Samsung and Apple’s offerings. Low light and dark rooms posed a problem for the G2, as they usually do, but it did perform a little better than Samsung’s devices in areas of darkness. With the Samsung Intercept you have full HTML browsing with Flash Lite support and pinch-to-zoom. The Nexus 4 is currently the best deal out there at just $200 (without a contract) and the Optimus G is often half the price of a Galaxy S3, but beats it on most levels.

They’ve been shrunk so much that they’re sometimes uncomfortable to use, and it’s more difficult to know which button your pressing. Instead of forcing your thumbs and fingers to stretch and contort to its desires, LG has put your hand first. Like Samsung, LG has decided to keep the Menu button as one of the three major buttons, but if you want to access your Recent Apps, you can get to them by holding down the Home button. We haven’t benchmarked the Galaxy Note 3 yet, but its possible that the G2 will outpace that as well.
We experienced a little slowdown and lagginess while inside the camera app, but that’s likely due to LG’s star feature: 9-point auto-focus. What that really means is that if you heavily use your phone one day, you are less likely to freak out at night when you’re trying to get driving directions and your phone is barely hanging on with 3 percent battery.
Aside from some annoyance with the sheer amount of software on the phone, we have no real complaints. The navigation buttons – Back, Home, Menu – are onscreen and the power and volume controls are … not there. Because they are placed in the center, and not opposing sides of the phone, you always know exactly which button you’re pressing. The changes don’t change our recommendation for this phone, but they’re silly, much like Verizon’s insistence to put its logo on both sides of every phone, whether there’s a good place for it or not.
If you dig into the Settings, you can “disable” them, but that isn’t the same as deleting something.
LG may want to consider separating these functions from the notification menu, like Apple has with its new iPhone Control Center. The G2’s camera attempts to locate points of interest within a 3 x 3 grid and focus on all of them. You’ll never accidentally turn the volume up instead of down or turn on your phone screen in your pocket. Or it could do what Google recommends and have a second notification menu that you can access by pulling down with two fingers instead of one.
This hasn’t had a noticeable positive effect on our test shots so far, but it hasn’t ruined any either.
Mostly, you’re getting a very fast camera and thanks to good image stabilization, most of our shots came out remarkably clear. Other apps like YellowPages, Slacker, NFL Mobile, IMDB, Caller Name ID (horrible app), and WildTangent games are also included, and not removable.

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