Classic Pebble Texture Leather Design Horizontal Belt Clip Magnetic Closing Flap Holster Pouch Case for iphone 5s , 5c , 5 + A Bonus Blue White Ball Point Pen + A Bonus 4" Black Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus Pen. This is the same item you will find in the Sprint store and yes, really, we really do have them in stock. This Kyocera DuraXT holder has a spring loaded top and has a rubberized coating for ultra comfort and grip.

Included in the package for your LG Spirit 4G are a hard shell soft touch case that then fits into the included swivel holster.
Enjoy the convenience of the swivel belt clip attached to the back of this holster which will allow you to comfortably carry your Kyocera DuraXT without having your phone get in the way, lost or broken. The belt clip can be conveniently slide to position on belt for comfort and protects your device from minor bumps and shocks.

Top latch lowers down on your phone to keep your phone securely in the holder while providing gentle and easy access to your phone.

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