By Steve KazellaHow to Get a Cell Tower on Your Property?So you want to get a cell site on your property? How to Promote and Market Your Potential Cell Site to the Cell Tower Companies and Cellular Carriers:Your best bet is contacting them directly and regularly by filling out and submitting forms on THEIR websites.
Remember, you need to be patient if you want a get a cell tower on your property, and unfortunately, chances are that the carriers and tower companies don't need your site. Smoke stack May 18, 16 10:25 AMI have a warehouse with an unused smoke stack thati is probably 50-75 feet tall. Profitability of cell phone tower locations depends on the number of cellular carriers deploying their antennas on cell site and also on the terms of the cell tower leases that you negotiate.
We are Airwave Management, the United State's and Canada's leading independent landlord advocate and cell site lease consulting and lease negotiation consulting firm. Additional cell phone antenna towers can also be deployed on rooftops if the space is available and a coverage need exists.
We have been helping to lease cell phone tower locations since the inception of wireless telephony. Additionally, we have found that a very substantial number of cell phone tower locations, especially rooftop cell sites, are not in compliance with their lease agreements.

Every day Airwave Management receives emails and contact forms and phone calls from property owners and landlords asking us to help them to get a cellular tower on their land or a cell site on the roof of their building.We are sorry to disappoint, but you only have about a 1 in 1,000 chance of having your site selected by a carrier. City zoning ordinances and municipal codes generally encourage carriers to co-locate on the same structure whenever possible to curtail the construction of too many cell tower sites. We have fond this number to exceed 25% in many cases, especially in the nation's major cities where rooftops are heavily utilized for antenna deployment. However, submitting your property information TO THEM (not us) can improve your chances slightly.OK, but what do WE do then?
It's kind of like buying a lottery ticket.Good luck!Airwave ManagementSite selection criteria for getting a cell tower on your property. Since we specialize in this aspect of the transaction, we have an extensive carrier contact database and know who we need to contact in each specific market to determine if a particular site is attractive from a cell tower leasing perspective. With carriers changing names and carriers using subcontractors, real estate managers and construction managers turning over in-house as employees always do, often times the actual cell site installation is not the same as on the plans depicted in your lease agreement.
After 4 years of virtually not building any cell towers, you can once again get a Sprint cell tower on your property as Sprint's build program is now underway again. We are seeking property owners and landlords who are interested in generating additional cell tower rental income.

We regularly find instances of major carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T and others overstepping the physical boundaries of their defined square footage requirements or having more infrastructure, cabinets, microwave dishes, cable runs or other equipment than they are supposed to have present on site.
Send Sprint Nextel the same exact information as is listed above for the real estate administration at AT&T Wireless. When we confirm carrier non-compliance, depending on what the Owner's lease stipulates the carrier will have a certain number of days to cure the issue or face lease termination. We help you if you have already been selected for a cellular site and need assistance reviewing and negotiating your deal, without the expense and wasted money of hiring a parasite, um, attorney who will make you pay a large retainer, etc. This gives you a lot of leverage to renegotiate terms and rental price, and why you need to talk to us.You can reach Airwave on our Toll Free number from Canada or from the United States, weekdays from 8AM EST to 8PM.

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