Canadians send a reported 21 million text messages every day; could that number double with a different keypad design?Maybe.
Weekend Reads: The Awkward History of Time Capsules and the Most Expensive Homes in Every State. Check out this prototype of the Pantera Dragster, by California-based Pantera Custom Motorcycle Design. Summer's almost over, so we wish we'd discovered this picnic-basket-alternative earlier: Plastica's Bento Box, which comes in both squared and rounded shapes and is dishwasher safe (though you can't nuke 'em).

Designed by Andrea Crosetta and produced by Chimney Anthrax (whoa), the makes a real statement in any home with a space-age floaty feel, thanks to its suspended configuration. Chinese cell phone manufacturer ZTE announced yesterday they'll begin selling their D90 phone in Canada, featuring the innovative "Fastap" keypad, which according to the company leads users to send between two and four times as many text messages as those without the technology. The keypad looks normal until you start texting, at which point the backlighting switches to highlight the letter keys, which are not the same as the number keys; each letter key is located at the corner junctions between the numbers (look closely at photo, above). This design, coupled with ZTE's proprietary predictive text program, supposedly leads to the blazing speeds and vastly higher number of messages sent.Question is, does it work?

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