Have you ever tried to shop for a new cell phone plan, only to get totally frustrated by the whole process due to all the different variables? My family needed a new plan, so I decided to make a simple comparison of all the no-contract plans that have unlimited talk, text and data. Below, you will find my best attempt to clear up this confusion so we can all make an informed buying decision on an unlimited cell phone plan. Straight Talk is different than other discount carriers because it is not tied to one underlying network. The GOTCHA is that the unlimited data part of the plan is only 2.5 GB of high speed data per month--after that, you will get slower speeds for the rest of the 30-day period. The big GOTCHA is you can not bring your existing phone from another carrier; you'll have to buy a phone from Virgin Mobile to use their plan. This is basically the same plan as Straight Talk (both owned by TracFone) but it cost $5-$10 more per month. AT&T is in a continuous battle with Verizon to be the largest carrier in the United States.
At $40 per month for unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE  high speed data, and $25 a month for unlimited 3G data, it easily blows away the competition. Even after factoring in this cost, we still believe this plan is head and shoulders above the competition.
If you go with Straight Talk, you could get any one of the four big carriers as your underlying carrier.
T-Mobile is one of the big 4 cell phone carriers but is always trying to play catch-up to Verizon and AT&T .

The Verizon data network is generally regarded as the biggest and most reliable in the United States. They just do not have an unlimited data plan so you are probably going to incur overages at some point.
For $55 a month, you get unlimited talk text and data, but the the data is limited to 2.5 GB of high speed data each month. You have the major carriers and the discount carriers (who are really just selling the major carriers networks, but they are doing it at lower prices). Please e-mail us if you have thoughts or comments on how we can do a better job with this comparison.
It all depends on where you live and what company offers the best wholesale deal on Straight Talk in your region.
The Sprint As You Go plan is probably the best deal for no-contract unlimited plans from the major carriers . Sprint tried the alternate WIMAX technology when it started to build a high speed network but that never really took off so it has been playing catch-up building a 4G network. That kind of guessing game is rather frustrating when you are trying to select a particular network which works best in your area. The cheapest unlimited Talk & Text plan for a smartphone is going to run you $60 per month and it only includes 2 GB of data.
This plan does allow you to reduce the cost per month with on-time payments--if you pay on-time for 18 months, your cost will be reduced to $40 per month, a decent price. If you like this plan, you may like the same plan even more from Virgin mobile where they will give you a few more pricing options. If you like this plan, then you will like Straight Talk better because it costs less and is the same thing.

You can get unlimited talk and text easy enough with the no-contract Mobile Share plan, but they get pretty stingy when it comes to data.
If you don't talk much and can live on 300 minutes of calls per month, then you can lower the monthly fee to $35.
They are currently offering up to $650 per line to switch to help cover early termination fees. They switched to a no-contract pre-paid model for all of their plans.
It appears Verizon is okay with you bringing your own device, but we can't guarantee that. Shop the discount carriers listed here if you need to be on the Verizon network without incurring the Verizon cost. Our advice is to steer clear of AT&T because they always end up being the most expensive and typically have the lowest customer service scores. A nice bonus for iPhone users that use auto pay is that they get an extra $5 discount per month.
Virgin Mobile uses the smaller Sprint network as the underlying carrier, so be sure to check your coverage. If you exceed the high speed allowance for a month, you will still have unlimited data on all the Simple Choice Plans but at lower data speeds.
They claim to be the discount carrier that is most compatible with phones brought from other companies.
While this is the best plan price-wise from the major carriers, the data coverage area for high speed is much more limited than Verizon and AT&T.

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