It seems that we can’t go more than a few weeks without news of saber rattling from the current regime about missiles, nukes or some other threat.
During our visit […]{ 1 comment } Staying at the Pineda Aparthotel in Bibione, Italyby Michael on March 15, 2016The Venetian resort town of Bibione is a beautiful destination for a beach getaway. The gold sand beach hugs the crystal clear waters of the upper Adriatic Sea, providing a lush backdrop for a sun and surf vacation. Under the luminescent glow of a harvest moon it was only a five minute stroll to reach Presernov Square—five minutes during which we were bewitched and […]{ 11 comments } Avoiding scam artists on vacationby Michael on February 25, 2016Even though we try not to look like tourists while traveling, there are still some places where visitors stand out and are approached by people trying to separate them from their money.
To scam artists, tourists who are not familiar with local cultures or the language are an easy mark.

The winding, twisting road carries intrepid drivers over the Carpathian  Mountains back to Bucharest from Transylvania. Picture what a plate of spaghetti thrown […]{ 1 comment } A surprising week in Bucharestby Michael on January 3, 2016We recently enjoyed a week in Bucharest, a city that pleasantly surprised us. While the Romanian capital is not among the first cities people think of when visiting Europe, we found it quite charming and extremely affordable. Initially we looked for enough activities to spend a week in Bucharest but ended up enjoying it so […]{ 7 comments } Is a Eurail pass worth it? After embracing a much simpler lifestyle, we're still on the road.We've traveled to six continents, visiting an array of countries from France to Australia to North Korea and beyond.

Little Rocky made a new friend on our road trip in Namibia.Here's a photo album of Little Rocky meeting fans on 6 continents.

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