A better way to phrase this question might be, “What services do the  plans offer?”  The answer to that question will depend on your requirements.  Will you use your cell phone for communication only, and if that’s the case will you need voice and text communications, or just talking ability? Have various forms of Talk and Text plans.  It can get very confusing, so when looking at the best cell phone plans, make sure you know what you’re buying, or you can get stuck holding a very large bag, with rotten eggs in it.
With the best cell phone plans your mobile device now becomes your “quality of life” line to the world.
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On top of killing prepaid unlimited data access for regular customers, AT&T has also decided to eliminate unlimited data access for GoPhone Pick Your Plan users as seen in the screenshot below.

When current and new customers call the IVR via 611, the current packages will still be available for purchase, but this confirms the long rumored elimination of both unlimited data packages, and was not in fact limited to Pay As You Go prepaid data access, as was first noted by AT&T. With this change, AT&T has severely hampered, if not completely eliminated their once advantageous position in the eyes of savvy and cost-conscious users, all the while going so far as claiming abuse by tethering as the sole cause for the elimination of the options. This claim does not take into account the lack of foresight demonstrated and infrastructure expenditure required for such an offering, as well as the increasing rate of litigation due to poor quality of data services. We need Sprint or Verizon to step up and offer it, and T-Mobile to offer it once they launch a 3G network (T-Mobile does offer unlimited prepaid data and messaging on the prepaid Sidekick plan, but they don’t have 3G). What I don’t like is the fact that had I not been having technical issues with my Motorola flip phone, I would not have know that my it would quit working.

I have a go phone and I dont know if its just me or not but the service sucks and the plan is wack!!
There are some limitations as far as how much data you can send at one time, but with the right plan, if the need is there, you have the ability to talk indefinitely. As far as I know, AT&T was the only company to offer unlimited data on prepaid plans, right?

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