Recently, Samsung announced formal introduction of a phone with a flexible OLED screen and finally came up with the Galaxy Round.
The design is quite similar to the Galaxy Note III and uses a screen with a slight curve with a 5.68-inch Full HD 1080p Super AMOLED display. The first thing you notice when you pick up the LG DoublePlay may be its weight; at nearly 7 ounces the phones certainly has some heft to it. LG added new elements to the UI, such as the weather widget, digital click and a slightly modified notification bar.
Like most people, you may feel skeptical with its unique dual-display design, because it may seem like a gimmick. Although multi-tasking is not a new thing in Android realm, the extra display makes things easier to manage. If you have been using a Mobile Phone device in recent years, it is time to consider getting a new Mango handset.
The phone has unibody aluminum design and plastic pieces around the camera and at the bottom. This may cause some serious restrictions as the internal storage is only 8GB (only 6GB is actually usable). When you tap on a song, a full music player is no longer displayed, instead a basic set of controls show up at the upper part of the screen.
At the upper part of the interface, users can find a small thumbnail, which can give users a different interface when tapped. The HTC’s latest offering bound to bring you to another world which may critically threaten your busy daily life during first week of use. Unfortunately, its 1750 mAH may leave you high and dry as it can only provide you with a few hours of intense usages. However, if we disregard its abominable battery life, we are left with an impressive camera-phone and the 42Mbps HSPA+ connection is a dangling carrot that we can’t resist easily.
HTC Sensation is sporting a classy dark-gray and black color scheme and is remarkably sturdy. The HTC Sensation 4G will arrive in stores by June 15 and offered for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate with a two-year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan. As a social media marketer, anything that could, in any way, improve the quality of my images is highly welcomed. The solid and firm phone, with dual keyboards – QUERTY and virtual, comes with a SIM card, USB cables and an Adapter.
The camera shutter is positioned at the back of the phone, with the microUSB slot and an LED flash light and you don’t have to unlock phone to power it and take a shot.
When rating the device based on the soundness of it’s applications, I can say that my Touch is relatively fast and runs smoothly. The enhanced GPS access makes it highly functional; travelling to a new state becomes quite easy as your paths are perfectly and automatically tracked. Some people are of the opinion that Samsung copied the iphone 4 in designing it’s T-Mobile Nexus S 4G, and that have resulted to a heavy legal battle between the two IT giants. The Nexus is as thin as the iphone 4 and that is the major reason behind it’s been branded a pirated phone.
The phone is amazingly sleek and well designed with fine leather that ensures a comfortable grip, and prevents it sleek surface from slipping of the hand. I find it hard to believe that there is anyone who would opt for a compact screen phone over a large one. The phone’s design and handy applications make it possible for pages and other pre-installed programs to open readily. On a particular occasion, the phone fell of from my hand and crash-landed on a tiled floor.
I would recommend the T-Mobile Samsung Nexus S 4G for anybody for ample of reasons: for someone like me that stays almost 18hrs online, a fast and reliable internet connection is but a huge necessity.
Getting a smartphone may be beneficial to you in a lot many ways as you can hope to avail of all those best features and add-on in it which are rarely found in other phones. The list of best features of the myTouch 4G definitely starts with a description of its powerfully integrated camera, the 8 megapixel camera that packs a range of advanced features like 1080p video recording, dual LED flash, an illuminated sensor on the backside of the phone, zero shutter lag, HDR format and burst mode. However, there are additional brilliant features to further retain your interest in the handset.

The T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide will be made available for sale in the market of US only and that is too towards July, priced at $199.99 with a new contract of 2-years. However, after awhile, it should be fun to use, because you can watch a YouTube video while replying to an incoming email or shuffle through the music player while keeping the web browser open. However, the design has its flaws, not only the phone is thick; the physical QWERTY keyboard makes the extra display smaller.
The HTC Radar 4G is currently available at T-Mobile stores and through select dealers and retailers.
Users may find it disappointing that there is no MicroSD memory slot and that the battery is non-removable. The 1GHz processor should be adequate in most situations as Mango can run quite well on slower processor. However, T-Mobile subscribers may need to wait a little longer or perhaps forever to get an iPhone 4S with contract.
But as with anyone who has seen the “E” symbol on their devices, the whole experience is atrociously slow. Overall, T-Mobile current devices can stack up with the iPhone 4S in terms of user experience, features, speed and functionality.
However, AT&T’s attempt could be derailed because the merger is considered as anti-competitive by the Department of Justice. You can play and pause the song; jump to another track, move along the track, change the volume and that’s about it. The built-in browser can render webpages swiftly, even if they are loaded with Flash and other plug-ins.
Sure, we can rigorously adjust the display’s brightness and turn off unnecessary connectivity options until we are close to an outlet. At the end of the day, you should decide whether the HTC Amaze is a good buy, especially if you’re tired of listening to the media about the over-hyped iPhone 4S that has weaker hardware by comparison. Of all the 4.3-inch Android phones out there, HTC Sensation 4G stands out as the most attractive and beautifully designed smartphone sold these days.
Another improvement is the availability of an optical trackpad that helps you roam around the screen.
The clicks, scrolls and applications loading rates happens the way I want them, in fact there is absolutely no difference, I observed, with my laptop. With the both batteries fully charged, you’re sure of a complete day of usage without running out. Well from the point of view of an end user, like myself, there is a striking difference between the two phones. If you happened to purchase a Nexus S, you could go into frenzy from searching for the phone’s microUSB as was the case with me.
I was sure my supposedly fragile phone has shattered, but to my greatest surprise, nothing happened to it, except for a few scratch. It mustn’t be that you have to carry your laptop around to stay connected, portability too is a very much desired factor. This ensures that anybody trying a hand on the camera is sure to forget whether it is a professional hi-tech camera or simply a phone in his hands. Now, with access to such great and super fast technologies, one can think of instantly uploading his photos and videos to the social networking sites like Facebook, Flicker, Picasa or to anything in minutes!
It will appear in two amazing colors- Black and the very unconventional Khaki. So, a few more days’ wait is still to digest for those restless mobile freaks and passionate photographers! Regardless of which mode you use, the pictures will come out great in normal lighting conditions. Inside the box, you’ll find the handset, charger cable, USB data cable, Quick Start guide and SIM card. After a $50 mail in rebate and with a 2-year service agreement, the phone costs only $99.99.
HTC Radar 4G also lacks digital compass and there’ll be a limit on the type of applications you can use.
Without acquisition, T-Mobile might not survive in the highly competitive industry, as the company has suffered from the mass exodus of contract customers.
All hats in the room should be tipped to the speedy Qualcomm chip, as lags won’t crop up even if you use the phone intensively.

The Sensation 4G also became the debut smartphone of HTC that supports its watch movie streaming service.
Besides, you can fit as many information as you want on the screen without fear of getting illegible.  Moreover, the processor is extremely fast. That said, lets consider what makes the Nexus S a little different and what anybody should know before opting for one. A phone that can be easily pocketed with no risk of slipping out of your pocket has the very much desired edge over other.
So, T-Mobile by adding the myTouch 4G handset to the list of its smartphones has done quite a wise job as the demand and the appreciation for the new concept of this new phone is sure and soon to cross the limits. Moreover, the built-in editing feature of the video clips captured through the phone further enhances the fun of handling it.
It is supposed to make multi-tasking easier, because you can do two things at once more easily.
HSPA+ is faster than the actual 3G connection in the US and by some; it is marketed as a 4G technology, which is somewhat misleading.
Users also need to tap the “More” category, to see iTunes content, audiobooks and podcasts.
HTC made no mistake by hyperbolically named the device as it can live up to our expectation.
The front-end of HTC Sensation is almost all-screen with a silver earpiece on top of the screen display as well as the front-facing VGA camera. The drop down notification is another plus which shows recently running apps and notifications.
One thing I can comfortably say about this phone Is that it’s second to no other Android phone when you talk about video and image quality.
For those that love physical and large keyboard, this phone would be a delight to have, as it’s made of wide 4-row QUERTY keyboard, with each key well spaced out. I beg to emphasize that the Wi-Fi calls are not free, even though it’s internet based, you activate it with your credit. DoublePlay carries a similar concept, but LG decided to make it more complex by throwing in a QWERTY keyboard into the mix.
On iPhone with iOS 5, it’s possible to determine which categories that should be displayed at the bottom. The virtual keyboard is so much alike to earlier Sense keyboards which are characterized by full-size keys, long-press options and smooth hap tic feedback. Quick settings for GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile Network, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Hotspot are on the other tab.
Permit me to say that ever since I purchased this phone, I’ve not had any need, whatsoever, for a camera.
Every necessary applications that could enhance the usage of the phone came with it – like the T-Mobile TV, Double Twist Sync, TeleNav GPS, Netflix and a couple of others. On the other hand, the phone is more than fortified with other features to compensate for the micoUSB.
Whenever the phone is connected to the 4G network, pages open as readily as you click the links. Every single thing, except for its no-key design, makes the T-Mobile Samsung Nexus S 4G a more preferred choice.
A very nice addition though is the Trace text input method that closely resembles Swype that lets you input words by simply sketching lines over the letters.
But since the phone is operated only with it’s virtual keys, it means that it would consume more time than normal to write up a text. The power button at the top edge of the phone is slightly difficult to manage with just one hand, while the headphone jack is also found here.

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