Once a far more substantial player in the mobile arena, LG’s market share has slipped significantly in the smart phone era. Under the hood, the LG Spectrum boasts a 1.5 GHz, dual-core Snapdragon processor, an Adreno 220 GPU, 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of built-in storage. This particular LG comes on Verizon’s sprightly 4G LTE network, and the scorching download speeds are the real star here. Aside from its networking speeds courtesy of Verizon, the best thing about the Spectrum is the display. While the spectrum has a lot going for it, there are one or two notable drawbacks that potential buyers should consider before taking the plunge.
The hardest part of selling the spectrum for LG will be differentiating it from competing Androids with similar specs and performance. LG has a lot at stake with the Spectrum, which is why it’s so crucial that they get it right. If you are stuck on the way to somewhere and you cannot get help from someone, you can pick up your mobile phone and call for help. Many people will enjoy the mobile phone games by downloading Java games and video clips to the phone. Building on the success of the S2, the Galaxy S3 has even more storage, a bigger screen, and the latest in Android technology. Brilliant 4 inch display, Available in a range of bright colours, Fast performance,Works with 4G LTE.
We work together with the top mobile phone companies and providers in order to deliver the newest mobile phones as soon as they are available. The last thing we want is for you to rush your purchase and end up with a mobile phone that’s a bad fit for you.
We urge visitors to compare mobile phones to make the best decision possible, and we also ask them to compare our phone offers and contract deals with any other site, because we are confident that no one can beat our prices.
This doesn’t mean that the best mobile phone offers and contract phone deals are not to be found in older phones. We would not be giving you the best service if, along with phone offers and contract deals, we did not provide the necessary information for you to pick your mobile phone.
In order to bring the best service possible to our readers, we have put together a team of experts to report on the latest news in the Mobile and Tech industry. The iPhone from Apple and various Android models from giants like HTC, Samsung and Motorola have shot to stardom while models from LG and its formerly trendy colleague Nokia have languished in obscurity. In addition, the Spectrum comes with a 16 GB microSD card that can be swapped out for a 32 GB model. For one thing, the video camera’s performance in bright conditions is less than stellar. It holds up incredibly well even when compared to the Droid Razr from Motorola and the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung, both of which run Android 4.0. And our number one goal is very simple: finding the best mobile phone deals for our customers.
Many people that work on this site have followed the evolution of technology and the mobile phone industry very closely, with an expert eye.
If you visit our handsets page you will see that we provide a wide variety of handsets and deals, not just the most expensive, latest mobile phones at the highest price.

We know that aesthetics are a big deal in the mobile phone world these days, and owning a phone that appeals visually to you is a great step towards being happy with your purchase. And if you do find a better mobile phone deal than here, please let us know through our contact page so we can match the price as soon as possible. As is the case recently with the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S4, the arrival of a newer model will make the previous model’s price decrease.
Our team has prepared insightful, helpful and realistic reviews of all the phone models we have in store so that you can make the best decision. Our editorial team, led by our senior editor Chloe Parker, aims to bring you the latest mobile news and the best analysis of the technology world.
You are urged to submit your credit information and only then are you taken to a selection of the mobile phones that the site would allow you to purchase. LG aims to do something about that by introducing its own “must have” Android model, the all new LG Spectrum. The display is a high-definition IPS unit that measures 4.5 inches diagonally and puts out 1280 x 720 resolution for a pixel density of 326 PPI. On average, most Spectrum users can expect roughly 14 Mbps down and over 10 Mbps up in major metropolitan areas. Likewise, the Spectrum’s 8 MP camera snaps brilliant 3264 x 2448 pixel photos in a variety of conditions. All three phones are equipped to take advantage of 4G LTE from Verizon, which means blistering speeds regardless of the operating system.
From the stylish design to the steroid-induced performance of its Snapdragon CPU, it manages to hit all the important points.
But the world of mobile phones can be a bit complicated, therefore, along with offering the best mobile deals in the UK and Ireland, we also provide our users with the information they need to make the best decision, and find the best mobile phone deal for their particular case. We believe that when it comes to deciding what mobile phone is best for a particular person or profession, or which mobile phone is more likely to withstand the test of time, our staff’s experience is vital. If you decide that a pay as you go plan, or a SIM Only deal is the best thing for you, you can find it with us just as easily as you can get an iPhone 5s  with an unlimited call, text and data plan.
Our staff are continuously finding cheap mobile phones, and we find that they come in all packages.
We stand by one simple truth: if you are in the market for a mobile phone, there is no place where you can find a better deal than here. But we urge all our customers to research a little before they buy, compare several handsets with various criteria, and read our reviews and user comments in order to make the best decision. The best mobile phone deals can often be found on the very latest phones, which may seem strange but it is true.
We have been selling many iPhone 4S, for example, and we do have some excellent deals, along with other older phones.
Not only that, we are also open to anyone adding a review to a phone, good or bad, via our comment page or our Facebook page. We work together with important and impartial news agencies and our news experts cover business and finance mobile news, as well as expected releases and the mobile phones rumor mill. Featuring some impressive internal silicon, the latest 4G networking capabilities and a lean profile, it may just be enough to rekindle LG’s fire.
The app drawer is full of mostly superfluous utilities and demos, although it does come with Netflix, TuneWiki and Kindle for Android.

Battery life is solid at over 8 hours of talk time, and the benchmarks show that the Spectrum is the equal of phones like the HTC Rezound and LG Nitro HD. In terms of value, the LG Spectrum is just as solid a bargain as the Droid Razr or Galaxy Nexus. The latest mobile phones are often promoted at cheaper prices simply because the providers want to increase their sales or generate buzz around the product, or because sometimes the best phones are attached to a longer plan.
What we do make sure is that no cheap phone for sale on this site is a phone with cheap quality. We do not shy away from peer reviews for one very simple reason: we find that, despite all the knowledge that a reviewer can have on the subject, ultimately it is up to consumer to decide if the mobile phone is a good fit or not. We also invite experts from outside our own team, to write as a guest author on our news blog, to offer some diversity for readers. Instead, we provide you with the complete selection of mobile phone deals and handsets, which can be reviewed with no prior application or obligation. Android fans who like big phones with big bright displays and tons of power have no reason not to consider the Spectrum for their next device. In Japan, the customers can enjoy the service of being noticed earthquakes and other natural disasters freely, which is offered by the mobile phone companies. On the other hand, it is said that using mobile phones for a long time will be harmful to our health because of the radiation. Whatever the reason, we will make sure that we take full advantage of it and help you get the latest mobile phone at the best possible deal. There are many cheap phones out there built by less reputable companies and we do not endorse them. Although we strive to keep a balanced editorial line, these guest authors will express their own opinions and we welcome the exchange of ideas. We will give you a full list of plans and deals for any phone that you might want to buy, and this way, you can see for yourself what you may get. If there is an emergency, disaster response crews can locate where the person is trapped; and the injured people can use the signals from their mobile phones or the small detonator of flare in the battery of the mobile phone. It can lead to diseases and disturbances, such as cancer, genetic damage, and disturbed brain function. We urge you to make the best decision, and we stand by our knowledge that the best cheap phones are the ones that you can find on our site. Our system will accept entries from anyone, for any plan, and only then decide if you are eligible for it.
Then the company will receive the notifications from an interactive menu accessible through the mobile phone’s internet browser to make sure whether the user is safe or not. We do not discriminate against bad credit, instead we try to work around it to give you the best mobile phone deals and contracts.
We have a policy of guaranteed acceptance on mobile phones, which means that all entries will be given a fair chance, and not be screened before you can even look at the deals.

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