This cell phone detector circuit can sense the presence of an activated mobile cell phone from a distance of one and-a-half meters. If a RF signal is detected the cell phone detector circuit will inform you using a sound alarm (beep sound ) and a blinking LED .
In this type of circuit (that use high frequency 0.9-3Ghz ) you can not use an LC circuit for frequency tuning  .
The circuit uses a 0.22?F disk capacitor (C3) to according the RF circuit to ensure the capability of the circuit to capture the mobile phone signal .
This cellular phone detector can detect any activity of a mobile phone : incoming or outgoing SMS , video transmission or voice transmission . The C3 capacitor must have leads length of 18 mm with 8 mm spacing between leads to obtain the desired frequency .  This small disk capacitor acts as a small gigahertz loop antenna to collect the RF signals  . This cellular phone detector electronic circuit diagram can be used to verify the presence of an active cellular phone in the tested area . Check if is there some other devices around; also you can try to shield antenna with an aluminum box and see what is happen.
I've connected this circuit but of electronic alarm and diode works directly during the closure of the circuit without the presence of mobile phones. This circuit only works for RF signal ,if u want circuit works in off condition .u will use mobile jammer circuit. This circuit only detect RF signal, so it can not be used to detect a network or to detect a switched off phone. I tried to connect the circuit, cell phone dector but it wasnt sensing and i even tried to make some calls but still not responding. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. This handy mobile bug or cell phone detector, pocket-size mobile transmission detector or sniffer can sense the presence of an activated mobile cellphone from a distance of one and-a-half metres.
The circuit can detect both the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and video transmission even if the mobile phone is kept in the silent mode. An ordinary RF detector using tuned LC circuits is not suitable for detecting signals in the GHz frequency band used in mobile phones. Here the circuit uses a 0.22?F disk capacitor (C3) to capture the RF signals from the mobile phone. Op-amp IC CA3130 (IC1) is used in the circuit as a current-to-voltage converter with capacitor C3 connected between its inverting and non-inverting inputs.
Capacitor C3 in conjunction with the lead inductance acts as a transmission line that intercepts the signals from the mobile phone. Capacitor C4 along with high-value resistor R1 keeps the non-inverting input stable for easy swing of the output to high state. When the cell phone detector signal is detected by C3, the output of IC1 becomes high and low alternately according to the frequency of the signal as indicated by LED1.

Assemble the cell phone detector circuit on a general purpose PCB as compact as possible and enclose in a small box like junk mobile case. Use the miniature 12V battery of a remote control and a small buzzer to make the gadget pocket-size.
Hi I completed this project on pcb but its not working, I tried with 9 volts power supply, cam anyone tell mw , what will be the problume, pl contact me my e mail. In this project, we will see how to make a physical Mail-Notifier using Intel EdisonComponents Required: 1.
The last years I have been focusing on Arduino projects where a USB wall plug with 5V output is almost the only power supply that I needed.
In this project I will show you how to create a Boombox that mainly consists of a car radio, salvaged speakers and two 12V lead acid batteries. Regulated power supply or variable power supply are most common electronic devices that every electronic engineer or hobby electrician must have.
In this project I build a circuit with a Led and a piezo to function as a on and off a Led when it receives a number of knocking sounds within a given range. Have you ever got all nice and comfy in your seat, wrapped in blankets ready to watch Netflix, only to realise you left the fan on?
The circuit shown is a simple chaotic oscillator that is based on the resistor-capacitor ladder phase shift oscillator. If you want to design and build a circuit board, but do not have the time nor resources to design it on the computer or a laser printer to print it, then this instructable series is for you. So it can be used to prevent use of mobile phones in examination halls, confidential rooms, etc. The moment the bug detects RF transmission signal from an activated mobile phone, it starts sounding a beep alarm and the LED blinks.
The lead length of the capacitor is fixed as 18 mm with a spacing of 8 mm between the leads to get the desired frequency.
It is a CMOS version using gate-protected p-channel MOSFET transistors in the input to provide very high input impedance, very low input current and very high speed of performance. This capacitor creates a field, stores energy and transfers the stored energy in the form of minute current to the inputs of IC1. As mentioned earlier, capacitor C3 should have a lead length of 18 mm with lead spacing of 8 mm.
The unit will give the warning indication if someone uses mobile phone within a radius of 1.5 meters. This upgraded version is louder and lighter than my previous Boombox and can play its tunes up to 9 hours continuously. This is my new instructable in which i am going to show you how to make a mobile charger at home in reasonable price.
You must buy several layers of plywood, cut them precisely and at an angle, and then use an incredible amount of wood glue to get it all sticking together.

Mozete naci mnoga napajanja sa raznim cijenama, ali zasto davati novce kada mozete sami probati napraviti regulirano napajanje koje ce biti sasvim dovoljno i snazno za vecinu stvari!
It can get a wide range of devices connect, like for example a coffee maker that can tweet when the coffee is done or an automatic garage door opener, with IoT the skies the limit. They contain unstable components, are hazardous to the environment, have attrocious picture quality, and make a dreadful noise when plugged in. William James, August, 2015Abstract Blinking LEDS contain a small IC chip that cause them to continuously blink on and off when a voltage is applied. I am publishing how far I got before I got stuck, so that others can collaborate and offer more knowledge than I had.This is an Arduino-based project. This is mainly because we can integrate a sound card, finger print sensor and the solenoid lock in the easiest possible way.
Small, Medium, Big and many size of monitor.Now i will show you how to make a mini monitor with cardboard containers. You can use it to show nice pictures (called attractor projections) on your analog oscilloscope in XY mode and impress your friends. Figured to make analog version with smart backlight; colour switches when over-or-under voltage situation arises. So ,this is a small flashlight made out of reused materials.It runs on solar energy and is very cheap and simple to make . It is also useful for detecting the use of mobile phone for spying and unauthorised video transmission. The disk capacitor along with the leads acts as a small gigahertz loop antenna to collect the RF signals from the mobile phone.
The output CMOS transistor is capable of swinging the output voltage to within 10 mV of either supply voltage terminal. This will upset the balanced input of IC1 and convert the current into the corresponding output voltage. But 12V voltage make the circuit become too sensitive, it will trigger even if you switch on your room lamp, so I reduce the voltage to 9V and it work fine!
I cant find the same capacitors with 8mm lead spacing and 16mm lead length as mentioned in the circuit.
Capacitor C5 (47pF) is connected across ‘strobe’ (pin 8) and ‘null’ inputs (pin 1) of IC1 for phase compensation and gain control to optimise the frequency response.
The low-value timing components R6 and C9 produce very short time delay to avoid audio nuisance.

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