Here are some of the best games smart phones can offer and gamers (myself included) can appreciate. Yet despite all the possibilities technology avails to us most are content in utilizing only the most meager aspects of Androids, iPhones, and Blackberrys’ alike. The game follows the setup of traditional old school RPGs, with four characters of different classes.
The combat is more or less a hack-and-slash fest comparatively with its platform counterparts. This is another RPG that I had come across while trying to quench my gaming-on-the-go fixation.
One of the latest games created by the geniuses at Gamevil, Illusia is a great option to RPG fans.
I hope these suggestions will help satiate your gaming urges when your away from home, on the go, or just want to get down on some good old fashioned hand held fun.
As an avid gamer and passionate writer, Taylor created Gaming Precision to share her infatuation with others while providing video game insight from a female perspective.
June 17, 2013 By Summer Scraps 11 Comments Last month I told all of you about being reunited with my Smartphone. I am addicted to this game of Candy Crush – I play it on my tablet, my computer and now my cell phone.
Well I have now had my new plan for one month and I have to tell you I am still just as happy with the service and cost. Well I had many of you ask questions – and if one person has a question several people probably have the same question. It took me a while to upgrade to a smart phone and I can’t imagine how I ever got along with out it.

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Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories is the sequel to to Gamevil’s action-adventure role playing game Zenonia. Zenonia 2 offers customizing options in which numerous equipment types can be outfitted to the character for stat upgrades and more power. In this medium however one could call it a hack-and-tap (laughter) due to the constant on-screen thumb tapping you will experience.
Meaning, once you enter a location on the map, it has a set number of rooms which once you complete, will return you to the main map. The graphics are cute and whimsical somewhat reminiscent of the popular Korean MMORPG Maple Story. Then Subscribe today!Receive my simple crafts and delicious recipes to your email each week for free!
I’ve been thinking about this plan for awhile now and I’m REALLY leaning towards it! Just an oddly shaped piece of plastic and hardware with an antenna protruding from the top. Gamevil has a trilogy in mind with their award winning series as Zenonia 3 has just recently (June) appeared in the iPhone Appstore. The items that are equipped change the appearance of the character in game, a nice little detail.
The developers at Com2uS utilize side scrolling elements and set boundary environments to promote a refreshing feel to the genre.

For gamers who have played Zenonia, they will recognize similar menu screens and game features just polished and more user friendly. I received a prorated bill for the month of May since I did not have it for the entire month of May. Cory and I are talking about combining our cell phone plans and doing the Walmart Mobile so I’m really happy to hear that you’re so pleased with it!
I’m only 20 years old so I can only imagine the equipment my parents had at their disposal. Bright colors and well detailed animation set Caligo Chaser apart from other smart phone RPGs.This game allows for quest completion as well as opportunities to battle and level up your character. Technology has certainly advanced drastically in the last few years and cell phones have maintained their place at the forefront of this trend. Zenonia 2 even features a new game plus option which allows you to continue playing with your current character after you beat the game. The spells are a great complement to the 2D side scrolling battle system and the game’s humorous dialogue and keeps me wanting to play more.
They represent an invisible link to the world around them, a constant connection to friends and family, media and news. I’ve only just started my adventure into Illusia and the only critique I can derive so far is the nonsensical nature of the map. Zenonia 2 is definitely a game you should check out and you can get your hands on this RPG adventure for $0.99 on the iPhone and Android.

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