Unique among pay-as-you-go services, the Kajeet Configurator allows kids and their families to tailor the service to meet their needs. For 35 cents a day, customers get unlimited use of the Kajeet Configurator, free browsing of the Kajeet Navigator (providing access to an array of kid-centric ringtones, wallpapers, and games - including free Kajeet content), personalized voicemail, Google Maps for Mobile, and kid-friendly Customer Care. The Kajeet service and phones have begun rolling out and will be available in more than 500 Best Buy stores by May 1 and at Limited Too stores in early April.
Potential caveats aside, prepaid and pay-as-you-go cell phone plans make a lot of sense for the right type of users, and not just people who don’t have the credit scores to get onboard with a contract plan.
Customers can check balances, set up refills, and review detailed account activity through the Web at any time.

For example: No contract, pay-as-you-go plans make an affordable option for the occasional cell phone user who just needs a mobile lifeline now and then, while unlimited text and voice plans can cut bills for nonstop talkers who keep running over their monthly limits on a contract plan. Power and Associates ranked Net10 number one in customer satisfaction in 2009, and all signs point to the cellular service provider’s impossibly simplistic price structure as key. Kajeet offers a full array of voice, text, picture, and instant messaging services that allow kids to stay connected to family and friends. Kajeet is available on a selection of full-featured phones including LG LX150, Nokia 6165i, LG 225, SANYO Katana. Net10 offers blocks of prepaid minutes for 10 cents per minute no matter what quantity you buy, and has also teamed up with major retailers like Wal-Mart to offer both airtime cards and phones in stores.

Here are some of the top-rated prepaid cell phone providers out there, and how they’ve managed to stand out from the pack.
The selection of available cell phones leaves something to be desired, but prices are reasonable.

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