T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile is running a new promotion in which it offers 20% off of all its prepaid service plans. T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile has introduced many changes to its National and International plans.
It seems that the change announced six months ago that included raising Lycamobile’s Pay As You Go minute rate from 2 cents to 5 cents per minute has started being effective. T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile has changed its mind on increasing high speed data allotments on the $35 plan from 1 GB of data to 4 GB and on the $45 plan, from 3 GB of high speed data to 6 GB. Lycamobile that operates on T-Mobile network has added more high speed data to most of its National plans.
To get a 20% discount on plans, customers need to enter a coupon code LYCA20 at a checkout.

First, Lycamobile adds new international plan that offers unlimited talk, text and data with first 100 MB at 4G LTE speed, unlimited international texts, unlimited minutes to 11 countries and a $1.50 international call credit, all for $23 per month. The carrier has been sending text messages to customers who are still using the old SIM cards. A number of Lycamobile customers on Howard Forums are reporting that last few days they are being charged 5 cents per minute on outgoing calls on their old Lyca SIM instead of 2 cents, while rate on incoming calls remained 2 cents per minute. Obviously, the increase set on February 11, 2015 was a mistake so now, only few days after, the $35 plan includes 2 GB of high speed data instead of 4 GB while $45 plan has 4 GB instead of 6 GB. With a slight delay, customers can now choose from eight new prepaid service plans, four national and four international plans.
They are informed that they will have to switch to a new Lycamobile SIM in order to continue having Lycamobile service.

Data increase on the $55 plan that went from 5 GB of high speed data to 8 GB, has remained. On the $45 plan, the carrier increases data from 3 GB of high speed data to 6 GB while the $55 plan goes from 5 GB of high speed data to 8 GB. The change has been reflected on the LycaMobile’s website although, users haven’t been started charged the new rate yet.

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