Monthly plans range from $30 to $80 per month depending on the amount of high-speed data you need.
You get unlimited text and data (including up to 5 GB high-speed data!), but you only get 100 voice minutes. You are charged $2 or $3 on the days you use your phone depending on whether you want access to 200 MB of high-speed data or are willing to settle for slower 2G data. With a $3 per month plan, you get 30 minutes or texts and you make sure that you keep your phone number and service active. Phones available range from a basic flip phone, to smartphone starting at $95 for a ZTE Zinger to an iPhone 5S for $595. The support rep was nice enough and straight-forward, but I wasn't that happy with the answer.
Prepaid Android phones available from T-Mobile include a few 4G models such as various permutations of the Samsung Galaxy and the LG Optimus lines.

You can get just a prepaid SIM card and activate your unlocked phone.You get free overnight shipping on these Starter Kits.
Whether you want to get Gold rewards with the Pay As You Go Plans or choose a smart phones to use with their no annual contract plans, T-Mobile is worth checking out.
The Tracfone, Net10 and Straight Talk family offers some phones that use the T-Mobile network. Simple Mobile, as the name says, requires your to bring you own device to use with their SIM cards. Instead of subsidizing the cost of the phone by locking you into a contract, they now let you pay for your phone on an installment plan instead, however, if you leave, I think you have to pay the outstanding balance. This is probably a great plan for teenagers who mostly text and rarely talk (on the phone that is). This is one of the lowest monthly rates available if you just want to use your phone for emergencies.

I guess one should just consider it a kind of activation fee, with the advantage that you could later on use another phone on it.
There are also non-4G smartphones available at lower prices.The phones aren't always in stock. You can check your own street-level coverage for on either their 4G LTE network or their traditional network for yourself by punching in your address and zipcode.

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