Nick presses his lips together, evaluating how Bremner can assume this is evidence of the Higgs boson even though ita€™s only happened 300 timesa€”two percent of the collisional instances which occurred from ATLAS, the largest of the four detectors at the Large Hadron Collider.
As Nick draws a new figure for Bremner, a moment of bursting curvature and spin, the charges of released particles chartered to their paths, their separations, the cell phone in his pocket buzzes against his thigh.
Nick could see Arthur wandering around New York, scribbling snatches of conversations into his notebook.A Arthura€™s hair would be matted to his forehead, his body odor like the soggy bottom of a dumpster. In the evenings, after everyone has already gone home, Nick runs tests in the Data Quality Monitoring Satellite Control Room, watching the computer monitors.A He taps his fingers, shakes the numbness from his leg, and the monitors prism green light across the keyboards.

One whole wall is covered in buttons and dials, swinging needles reading air pressure, plastic discs covering smaller buttons, alarm lights, and larger locked buttons he cannot push unless he releases them with a skeleton key.A Flickering rows of monitors, one for each of the 300 active dipolesa€”35 ton cylinders that drive protons around the 17 miles of underground cement tunnela€”stretch across the middle of the room.
Nick takes a step closer to the charred cable casing.A Ita€™s like a blackened banana peel, rippled and uneven, jagged shards of metal and cable already corroding and breaking off into soot that has piled on the floor. Ita€™s an international number he doesna€™t know, but he answers anyway, motioning to Bremner that hea€™ll be right back. He determines that because this world is contained in one universe, and that just as there are other planets rotating in other galaxies of this same universe, there are also other worlds floating in other galaxies of other universes.

Nick stands near the doorway as a female voice at the other end introduces herself as a doctor from St. And as for him, sitting here, waiting, there are probably other variations of him existing simultaneously (perhaps even identically) at this same exact momenta€”versions of him living better lives, still talking with brothers who do not believe so many stupid things.

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