If you're not looking for all the bells and whistles of a smartphone, the Doro PhoneEasy 612 is the perfect solution. Now that the year 2011 is ending, it is good time to summarize what’s new in prepaid cell phone offer in terms of the best prepaid Android smartphones available. This year, many prepaid providers that never had Android smartphones in their lineup have introduced couple or more of them, for the first time.
The cause of this expand is definitely Samsung Galaxy Precedent released in September for $149.99. However, that’s already in the past given that Straight Talk has released yet another Android smartphone, more advanced for $179.99, LG Optimus Q.
LG Optimus Q is released for yet another prepaid provider, Virgin Mobile but under the name of LG Optimus Slider. Don’t forget the carrier’s most advanced phone Motorola Triumph that’s somewhat pricey for what it offers, $299.99. Boost Mobile, also a child of Sprint Nextel released two smartphones that can easily get in the battle for the best prepaid Android smartphones in 2011. Simple Mobile also offers 4G HSPA+ coverage through T-Mobile and have a rather interesting offer of unlimited prepaid plans. T-Mobile has quite an interesting Android smartphone released just a week ago, Samsung Exhibit II 4G that easily qualifies for the best prepaid Android smartphones in 2011.
The best prepaid Android smartphones are not the most advanced ones or the cheapest ones but the ones that suit each and every individual’s needs.
Straight Talk uses Verizon’s network but it uses AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint’s network as well.
Tracfone LG 290c is a slide-style phone with slider mechanism that feels solid and durable. However, some users do not want to waste their minutes on the web browsing but still accidentally press the browser shortcut and the unwanted happens. With a 1.3 megapixel camera (1280?960) some quite sharp and quality photos of your surroundings can be taken but you will not be able to record a video. A definite thing is that a boundary of what kind of smartphones have become standard offer for prepaid providers has moved quite forward. The reason for that is mostly due to the pressure of competition and recognition that Android smartphones are the ones most asked for. Due to Virgin Mobile being a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel, these Android smartphones run on Sprint’s nationwide 3G network.
One is Samsung Transform Ultra available for $229.99 and the second one, released just few days ago ZTE Warp.

They expanded their service nationwide through national retailers; they have signed a 3G roaming partnership with Sprint Nextel to expand coverage and added plans and Android smartphones to its lineup. MetroPCS has its own 4G LTE network and enabled handsets as LG Esteem or Samsung Galaxy Indulge. Before getting to that, the thing about this carrier is that they do not offer handsets on their own but let you come with your own device, unlocked GSM phones, and just use its plans. That ‘s why this article is not about one phone or one provider but the choice The price is important, the coverage, the little things like a physical keyboard or front facing camera, the phone’s functionality and our preferences, but also crucial are the monthly charges that the best prepaid Android smartphones will work with.
You can tell which phone uses which network by checking if phone model numbers are ending in G or C. All phone build actually feels that way and that is something that satisfies the users the most. However, seems that Bluetooth also wasn’t meant to allow data transfer (like sending your pictures to the computer or even better, transferring audio files and pictures from computer to your phone for using them as ringtones and wallpapers), but there is a way for unlocking this feature too.
Also, voice recorder, voice dialing, hands-free speaker, standard organization tools, picture messaging are available at Tracfone LG 290c.
It’s not a revelation that midrange phones are the ones available to prepaid users but a good thing is that more and more high end specs are becoming part of those midrange devices. Also they are the ones that make a difference between successful and unsuccessful quarter by quarter and a year in general, in selling and adding new customers.
The phone’s biggest asset, except being a decent Android-powered smartphone, first for this carrier, is that it goes with one of the most affordable unlimited prepaid plans on the market for $45 with unlimited talk, text and data. Also for $199.99 exclusively at Radio Shack you can get another Android smartphone released only couple of weeks ago, HTC Wildfire S. In addition, they go with carrier’s Beyond Talk plans that start with as low as $35 for unlimited text, data and 300 minutes and ends with the unlimited one that offers everything unlimited for $55 per month. They also introduced a Muve Music service that’s been expanding the number of subscribers ever since the release. So if you have Android smartphone and just need a plan, you can pick from unlimited plan for $60 with everything unlimited talk, text and fast HPSA+ speeds. The important thing is that the competition between prepaid carriers is definitely healthy, which works perfect for us. Phone models ending with G run on either AT&T or T-Mobile, with C run on Verizon while Straight Talk Android phones use the Sprint network.
It features a slide-out, standard 12-key numeric keypad, as well as four shortcut keys for composing a text message, viewing images, camera and calendar. After that go to the restrictions menu option, enter the lock code again and hit Data>Lock.

So now, we have Straight Talk and Net10, both subsidiaries of TracFone that introduced couple of Android smartphones each and actually made Straight Talk adding an additional 515,000 subscribers in third quarter. Even though, this plan is not the cheapest prepaid plan on the market, still its one of rare (if any) that has no data throttled. The phones are available with $40, $50 and $60 4G LTE plan with the last one being unlimited.
However, if you are not after fast speeds, you can get quite an affordable offer, maybe even the best one so far, for $40 per month. If you are not much into talking, exclusive to Walmart $30 plan with 100 voice minutes, unlimited text and data with first 5GB at 4G speeds is a great offer, one of the best at prepaid market. Also, it comes with Tracfone’s prepaid plans and Double  Minutes For Life, so every minute you add to your airtime is doubled for as long as you own the phone. Apparently, the carrier postpones data throttling until sometime in 2012 even though it was due to the start of October.
In addition, Cricket has also introduced Samsung Transfix, an entry-level Android smartphone available for $179.99 that has a slide out QWERTY keyboard and is perfect for messaging. For the money you get a plan that’s compatible with Android smartphones and offers you everything unlimited at 3g network. Also, newly added $60 unlimited monthly plan with 2GB at 4G speeds, unlimited talk and text is also a good offer but the one for $30 can make a difference in choosing this provider, this phone and to save.
Its weight of 4.1 ounces make this phone feel slightly heavier but at the same time compact so it’s not all for bad. This phone goes with regular plans for $25 or $35 per month with 300 and 1000 minutes within Cricket’s coverage and unlimited text and data. The display on the screen has not that much problem with the distortion when viewed from the side as LG 600G for example, but is rather bright and sharp.
And what might be a very important detail about LG 290c design for some users is that there is no word “TracFone” anywhere on the outside of the phone so you cannot tell it’s a prepaid phone. Both phones are compatible with any of the two plans $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan or $2 Daily Unlimited plan. However, keep in mind benefit that Shrinkage plan can bring in case that you stay long enough.

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