Andy Singer draws No Exit, a self-syndicated cartoon that appears in dozens of newspapers, books and magazines in the U.S. At a point when the world is talking about the future of mobility, for the over 20 million people living in the greater New York area, spotty cellular service is a constant source of frustration. Simply put, a cell phone network is divided into cell sites that serves an area and overlaps with other cell sites to give 360 degree coverage. Several commercial websites provide interactive maps indicating dead spots in the United StatesA a€”A by carrier and location. When looking at the FCCa€™s cell phone reception complaint maps, one fact becomes clear: high population density equals high phone reception complaints. The solution for consumers is determining how many dead spot and reception problems are reported for their current cell phone service provider by using the dead spot and reception reporting programs noted in this article. Putting up with unacceptable cell phone coverage is frustrating regardless of whether ita€™s in an urban area or in the country.
Guest Author: This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, an experienced technical blogger who has written about topics from GPS trackers to the latest in mobile technology.
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I think femtocell is the cheapest and the quickest way,as it can work for approximately 8 registered phones or peoples on your network.
It seems that most of the users are suffering such problems no matter what provider thay use.

I think every user face this problem it depends on some factors like quality of their mobile,distance from the tower, battery status and quality of signal.So we have to minimize the above factor to resolve this. The towera€™s antenna array is designed to transmit the RF signal within the cell to other towers or directly to cell phones. Poorly located or an insufficient number of cell towers result in weaker signals and dead spots. The northeast, west to Chicago, has a very high population density and a correspondingly high number of reception complaints. If there are other carriers providing service in the same area, it is worth checking out the number of dead zones reported for those companies.
However, it is important to know that cell phone providers are restructuring their existing plans to prepaid rate plans based on how many voice minutes and data minutes are used.
Even though 82 percent of the world is a cell phone dead zone, no one should have to tolerate a dead spot in or near their home a€” period. Prior to starting this blog, TechChunks has spent many productive years as a Software Engineer, Wordpress Blogger, Corporate Trainer, Frequent Conference Speaker and Workshop Leader.
I have issues before when i needed the cellphone the most and i was unable to make a call due to dead spots. Heavy cell phone traffic generated by users in urban areas also creates reception problems. The maps are useful to consumers in identifying the number of dead spots in a specific area or city by entering the location.

There is often a dramatic difference in the numbers reported indicating the better cell phone service providers in the area. For customers who decide to switch to a carrier with better reception, there are T-mobile plans online available. My monthly plan is about $100 and for such an investment i would like to have the best service. In 2010 alone, there were 50,000 dead zone complaints filed by users with their carrier or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); and in the past couple years their number has only increased astronomically. Census blocks that lack 3G or better mobile coverage at the centroid of the block“, says the FCC.
Along the west coast, major urban areas, from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA all report heavy cell phone reception problems. Perhaps, it is time people start finding ways to amplify and boost their cell phone signals.
It all adds up to wireless dead zones dotting the city and its surrounding suburbs, making phone calls impossible in some unlucky neighborhoods, across stretches of highways and at crucial junctures on rail lines.

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