Greenville's Technology & Aviation Center (formerly Donaldson Center) airport is home to the headquarters of Stevens Aviation, Inc. The perfect place for mixing business and pleasure, the Upstate is home to major corporations like GE, Michelin and BMW but just close enough to the mountains and the beach. What draws many clients to Stevens is our decades of experience with airframes of every type.
Stevens Aviation is one of the leading aviation services company in the US and the only firm with a balance of major corporate aviation services and DoD aircraft maintenance and mod services. Our corporate headquarters at Donaldson Center Industrial Airpark in Greenville, SC is a modern facility offering full service capabilities to civilian, military and U.S. With complete maintenance, avionics, paint, interior and component services and over 350 employees dedicated to providing first-class service for you and your aircraft, GYH is the perfect one-stop-shop to meet all of your aircraft needs.

A full-service facility with satellite locations across the continent, Stevens has been a top name in aviation for over 65 years.From heavy maintenance and overhaul to aircraft paint and interiors, Stevens Aviation is proud to be the supplier of choice for corporate flight departments around the world. Visitors to the area are surprised at all the Upstate has to offer and they are impressed with the capabilities of Stevens Aviation. At GYH, Stevens employees treat every aircraft as if where their own so that you and your plane receive the best of care throughout every encounter.
Having seen so many designs, configurations and modifications gives our team the ability to quickly root out squawks, suggest just the right upgrade and fine-tune your flying experience.
Since 1950, Stevens Aviation has set the standard for excellence in aircraft sales, service and management. Stevens serves the area with facilities at both GSP and the SC TAC (formerly Donaldson - GYH) Airports.

Call us today and let us demonstrate to you our commitment to the industry and to every client that honors us with their business. But ultimately our experience translates into trust - your trust - in our people, our work and our future.

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