Sprint has announced today that it and its prepaid brands, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile will sell the Sharp Aquos Crystal. In addition, the Aquos Crystal features enhanced sound with Harman’s LiveStage that improves headphone listening experience and adds “dimension to the sound” and Clari-Fi technology that makes digital sound quality better “by restoring all types of compressed digital music”.
Boost Mobile customers will be able to pair the Sharp Aquos Crystal with Monthly Unlimited Select plans. Virgin Mobile customers will be pairing the Sharp Aquos Crystal with one of the Beyond Talk unlimited data and messaging plans. Sprint Spark LTE that provides average speeds of 6-15Mbps and peak of 50-60Mbps on Spark-capable devices is currently available in 27 markets all over the country. Reverse Osmosis is a proven technology typically using thin film composite (TFC) membranes that remove up to 99% of all dissolved ions and most organic compounds such as pyrogens, bacteria and viruses.

As yet another superhero movie strikes it big on opening weekend we’re left to scratch our heads as to why. The Crystal, nearly a bezel-less styled smartphone, is a first AQUOS wireless handset in the US.
Besides unlimited data and messaging, the $35 plan offers 300 voice minutes, the $45 plan has 1200 voice minutes while $55 plan has everything unlimited. When an RO unit is used in conjunction with a DI System, the number of DI tank exchanges is reduced dramatically—therefore becoming a very economical advantage. If your high purity water usage exceeds this number, it will be more economical for you to utilize a reverse osmosis and deionization system.
Boost Mobile will offer white and Virgin Mobile black version of the phone later this year for $149.99 plus tax.

It comes with a support for Sprint Spark LTE, HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling and has a 2040mAh battery (embedded) to power it all.
After high speed data allotment, Boost Mobile throttles data speeds to 128 Kbps for the remainder of monthly cycle.

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