Straight Talk Wireless is pushing really hard in recent weeks for a bigger share in the prepaid market by adding a number of new smartphones to its prepaid lineup. TracFone’s subsidiary Straight Talk has added 3 new LTE smartphones to its prepaid lineup, LG Stylo 2, LG Treasure and ZTE Citrine.
Straight Talk Wireless, TracFone’s no-contract subsidiary, added another large display smartphone to its prepaid lineup, LG Premier LTE.
Straight Talk has added the Loyalty Rewards Program to its prepaid offerings for customers who stay long enough with their service. TracFone’s prepaid brand, Straight Talk Wireless has added the Samsung Galaxy E5, another mid-range Android smartphone to its prepaid lineup. Verizon Moto G owners can update their phone manually by going to Settings, About phone and System updates.
Motorola Moto G on Verizon is available for $99 and can be paired with the carrier’s prepaid service plans for $60 and $70 per month. The Verizon Samsung Omnia 2 cell phone is one of the best resistive screens I’ve seen. The Verizon Samsung Omnia 2 has a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display, you’ve got that great display, the phone is very easy to navigate. Since the beginning of May, the carrier has added 8 new smartphones to its prepaid lineup, starting with LG Stylo 2.

The Premier was announced at the beginning of April 2016, but it’s available only at selected Walmart stores at the moment. Straight Talk Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Eclipse is available at the moment only at Walmart stores for $19.88, but we can expect it soon to be added to carrier’s website too. The carrier has added a $55 monthly plan that includes 10GB of high speed data in addition to unlimited talk and unlimited text. During promotion, customers will receive a $5 discount on their monthly cost for the first three months when they enroll in auto pay. The $60 plan includes unlimited talk, unlimited messaging and 2 GB of 3G data while the $70 plan offers unlimited talk, unlimited messaging and 4 GB of 3G data per month. The 9th smartphone that’s just been added is a low-cost phone made by Alcatel OneTouch, the Pixi Pulsar. At the moment, LG Stylo 2 is available at Walmart stores and online, while LG Treasure and ZTE Citrina are available at Straight Talk’s website and at Walmart. Straight Talk Loyalty Rewards Program doesn’t require customers to do any special actions in order to earn points but regular, every day ones, as refilling different plans, signing up to auto pay, staying with their service for six month, a year and so on. Customers can also choose a $50 smartphone plan, Walmart exclusive, which offers unlimited talk, unlimited messaging and 1 GB of Verizon 3G data. I wanted something that had a qwerty keyboard that was not on the front of the phone, and this fit the bill.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy *Any $0 or FREE price is based upon a 2-year service agreement through Amazon and Associated Carrier. The ARM11 processor, capacitive screen, but everybody knows that capacitive screens are better, but resistive screens are not dead yet and are still getting better. Straight Talk Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Pulsar is available for $19.99 at carrier’s website and we can expect it soon at Walmart. Straight Talk’s advantage is that it operates on all four major networks, Verizon’s, AT&T’s, T-Mobile’s and Sprint’s and it supports BYOD so many might find this plan option appealing. The Samsung UI is partially good(at least fair) – just drop the Samsung WidgetPlus(today plugin), or drop it all together and use SPB mobile shell or WM default. Web browsing sucks as always with WM – get an iphone or Android instead if you are serious about Web browsing.

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