The White House, CIA, FBI, Diplomats and other governmental agencies make use of high security telephone voice scrambling for secure telephone communications and now you can too!
You can purchase the deluxe kit which includes two high security scramblers with interfaces for both land-line and cell phones. August 18, 2008 Back when it was only a select group of up-and-comers annoying everyone with their inane mobile phone chatter in public spaces, peace and quiet, and possibly a round of applause, could be achieved by letting them know exactly how ridiculous they sounded. The device retails for US$246, but before whipping out that credit card be warned that these devices are illegal in many parts of the world, including the US. Impress your clients by informing them that you practice what you preach and are concerned with their sensitive telephone security and privacy when you have telephone conversations with them on either a land line phone or cell phone. It is designed to scramble your conversations over the telephone line by using a unit on each end.

Now that everyman – including scary, muscled bodybuilders - has a mobile phone, such peace and quiet can be a little harder to find.
By handing them a portable telephone scrambler with their own unique security code to use when you call them or they call you, you are insuring sensitive and private telephone conversations remain private. This tactical device will protect your conversation from various methods of eavesdropping from wiretaps or electronic bugs.
You can also obtain extra high security scrambler units to add to your kit and simply change the code you select on your end to have secure communications with ore than one client or caller. The Hand-held Portable Universal Cell Phones Jammer allows users to carry a 32 foot (9 meter) virtual cone of silence in their pocket. This new generation high security portable telephone scrambler defeats all eavesdropping through a telephone for either cell phones or land line phones.

This advanced security system uses a digital encryption algorithm based on DSA that is applied to the user code in order to create secure communication.
By programming a code up to sixteen digits, an algorithm is created that rolls the scrambling code up to 65536 times. The High Security Phone Scrambler comes with an interconnect cable that will connect with Motorola, Samsung, LG and other models of cellular telephones that have a 2.5mm headset jack.

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