The story goes, that year, in 1912, Pete Christenson won the telephone company in a game of Pinochle. It’s hard to imagine Rainier Connect telling a potential customer today, “We don’t have lines out where you live. Per the History of Southeastern Pierce County, it was too expensive for a private company to install services in rural farming areas. That year the farmers also wanted Mashell to replace their crank phones with the new “dial” phones. Joe Larin captured this group cleaning up at the Mashel Prairie Indian Cemetery Shaker Church.
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We will, however, give you a great deal on our technology if you put them in yourselves.” But, that’s what happened in those early days. Despite the fact that farming in the early 1900s was an extremely demanding job, they managed to find time and energy to band together, build and maintain their own lines, and rent switchboard service from Mashell.
There was a disagreement on the cost, and I’m not sure it was ever resolved, as I remember a crank-style phone in our family farm well into the 60s.
Pete sold the business to his son Henry in 1919, and then it went to Peter’s son Dan in 1929, and next to grandson Arne Haynes in 1954.

The operator would throw a switch, ask who that person wanted to speak to, and then manually make the connection.
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