Tutti gli smartphone moderni permettono di condividere la connessione dati del nostro piano tariffario con il PC o qualsiasi altro dispositivo che abbia almeno una connessione Wifi. Purtroppo non tutti gli operatori telefoni permettono di condividere la connessione gratuitamente, in special modo Vodafone e Tre Italia applicano tariffe molto alte mentre TIM sono piu basse e la sola Wind permette di utilizzare la connessione senza costi aggiuntivi. Se siete tra gli utenti che hanno uno di quegli operatori telefonici che non permettono di condividere la connessione dati con il PC ecco una pratica guida che vi permette di aggirare il problema. In pratica ogni volta che attiviamo il tethering molti operatori fanno cambiare l’APN inserendo quello che vi fara pagare la loro tariffazione aggiuntiva e quindi noi andremo a vedere come bloccare questa modifica. La guida e semplice da seguire poiche sara sufficiente impostare l’APN come DUN (sigla utilizzata per condividere la connessione tramite bluetooth) il che non ci fara spendere soldi inutili. Quindi con questo piccolo trucchetto potremo utilizzare il Tethering Gratis con Vodafone, Tre, TIM, Wind e tutti gli altri operatori telefonici.
Amo la mia terra, la mia donna e tutto cio che e TECNOLOGICO in particolare la Telefonia ed Android. Amo tutti gli Sport ma la Corsa e la mia valvola di sfogo dove stacco la spina da tutto tranne che dal mio Smartphone che mi segue anche durante gli Allenamenti.
It’s time to unplug for mental clarity, better sleep, less stress and better relationships! Chances are you check your phone for messages, alerts, or calls even when your device isn’t ringing or vibrating. In fact, the average cell phone user checks their phone 110 times a day, with the highest users hitting the 900 mark, says Locket, an Android app that has collected data on over 150,000 users. The constant barrage of notifications increases our stress level, likely contributing to high blood pressure, headaches, eye strain, and anxiety.
The incessant connection to one’s phone makes us less inclined to participate in conversation with those around us.

Our dependence on our phones as entertainment is a constant source of distraction, making it difficult to be with oneself in a quiet, still, disconnected space. Make No Cell-Phone Zones — Make a pact with other members of your household no cell phones at the table. Bring On The Zen — Introduce meditation, yoga, tai chi or one of the other meditative practices into your daily routine — even if it’s for only 10 minutes it will slow you down, bring your awareness back to your body and reap a myriad of health benefits, including better concentration, lower blood pressure, reduced stress, better mood and better sleep. No Fly Zone — When you travel for holiday set your phone to “no data roaming” so that you only receive messages when you are connected with Wifi.  This will limit the amount of new communication that is coming your way and provide a more peaceful journey. Nokia’s best mobile imaging device, the Nokia N86 8MP, which earlier this year won the prestigious TIPA Award for the Best Mobile Imaging Device in 2009, is now shipping globally. The device features variable aperture, which results in vibrant photos even in challenging bright and low-light conditions.
Uploading pictures and videos on social networking sites like Ovi Share and Flickr is fast and simple with high-speed connectivity of the Nokia N86 8MP. You probably sleep with your phone next to your bed to be sure you don’t miss any calls, text messages, or other updates during the night.
The tethering to our cell phones interferes with our mental health, physical health and even our relationships. Studies show that in face-to-face interactions a phone present made the other person think negatively about the cell phone holder. Just Say “No” — Implement limits and boundaries in relation to work-related email and messages.
You mentioned eyestrain, but look around you when you are out at all the people looking down at their phones. The fast mechanical shutter and Automatic Motion Blur Reduction ensure shorter latencies and less motion blur.

8GB of internal memory provides enough space for up to 4000 photos and the memory can be increased even further with an exchangeable 16GB microSD card.
And you likely feel lost without your cell phone, reports a Pew Internet & American Life survey. Just because someone sends you an email at 10pm in the evening does not mean you have to answer it. Taking a walk is a great way to boost your mood, find solutions to challenges, and increase productivity. You might consider implementing a sleep routine to help you wean — reading, or listening to music. Processing times between pictures have been more than halved in comparison with many other camera phones. I’ve been using my cell phone camera when out on nature walks, but I think it’s time to start carrying my digital camera again instead! I envisioned today some kind of holder that would go around our necks or chests that would hold the phone in front of our heads so we could use it without that forward bend. You will taste your food, remember what you ate, and be more aware of how much you’re eating. I have notifications off on almost everything on the iOS devices, but I have never taken my daily walk without my phone. If the mere thought of that makes you anxious create an auto-responder letting people know you will answer their email first thing in the morning.

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