He sent us the below video that shows up to 3 HAARP installations being used to reroute the Jet Stream away from California.
Both are identical in capabilities to manipulate weather, with up to 5000 Watts each and a 21 mile Range. As you can see, both wireless tower networks have extensive coastal coverage as well as coverage over the entire U.S. He sets up a small moisture cloud machine inside a small glass test chamber and creates a cloud.
This is exactly what is happening to the clouds as they approach and hit California and the West Coast with the current Rain System offshore. Before the Great Flood 12,500 years ago, before Religion, War and Racism, there was Drought and Famine.
According to the Book Of Enki, reportedly written by an Alien thousands of years ago, as a record of events on Earth leading up to humanity, the Alien Conquerors used drought and famine as weapons of mass destruction against humans for hundreds or thousands of years, before they just decided to wipe us out as a species with a Great Flood and start over with a totally controlled, small band of survivors. Weather Wars or X-Wars are an excellent way to wage an effective war without firing a single shot or putting a single drop of your own blood at risk.
In order to keep California dry and hot, it appears they are using the wireless networks of at least 5 States. As I watch and study doppler radar of the area, I notice a total absence of moisture and all weather activity over a oval shaped area that covers these 5 States.
When they remove all the moisture and cloud cover over any given area, this allows the Sun’s heat to bake the area like they were in a solar powered oven or stove.
GOAL: TO END DROUGHT IN CALIFORNIA, WASHINGTON STATE, OREGON, NEVADA And IDAHO PERMANENTLY, PERIOD. A G-1 Unit, when placed up to 44 miles away from a G-2 Unit, MIMICS the Capabilities of the G-2 EXACTLY!

At the height of the East Coast Sky Wars Campaign, I had a personal network of (3) G-1 Guardians and (1) G-2 General.
The small G-1 Prototype, built only to test Orgone Energy Theory, actually kicked off the Sky Wars of 2012, and defeated all regular weather control attempts, period. They were only retired after the HAARPsters gave up claim to the East Coast Skies and East Coast Drought. Can the invisible energy of Orgone defeat the invisible energy of micro-radio wave Cellular Towers? If they try to use their micro-wave energy to cause a tornado or hurricane, it will totally dissipate it’s energy.
The G-1 is small but powerful, and coupled with a G-2 within 45 miles, it’s just as powerful as the G-2! The only devices I’ve seen over the years are a couple resin base cloud busters down in LA.
I can only assume that there are other people up here somewhere that are trying to do something. Since it is attracted to metal, it attempts to get to the other side where it bounces back and forth. With the addition of the metal pipes in the enclosure, it bounces even more rapidly, like a Pin Ball off of Bumpers in the old Arcade Style games. Since it uses water as storage instead of air, inside the Accumulator, it can store vastly more amounts of Orgone than an Air Style Accumulator.
2) Drill the proper amount and size holes (slightly smaller than the pipe diameter) in the plastic lid with most pipes in a circle, about half between the outside and inside of the barrel, and the rest in a circle near the center. As soon as the clouds and rain come within range of the Local-HAARP Wireless Tower Network, they are being hit with radio frequency transmissions from the Cellular or GWEN Towers Network.

This ties up the entire West Coast Weather Control System and the Wireless Weather Control Systems of up to 5 States.
Unit can defeat up to 4 HAARP Units and a Mega-Drought on it’s own, how will they deal with 3-5 G-2 Units or more? It was over-powered only when all extra-ordinary weather controls were brought in forcing the upgrade to the G-2. If they point the full energy of a cell tower at some one, Orgone Energy won’t help you. I checked the Santa Cruz weather yesterday and I didn’t see any rain scheduled for an entire week.
It seems they care more about destroying California and the West Coast with drought, than they did with D.C. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The Wireless Weather Network of 5 States are being used to push-up and evaporate all moisture and clouds over a 5 State Area to prevent Califoria from getting rain and moisture from the Westside(Oceanside), from the East as well as from the North and South. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). We have never been attacked and not come out on top many times as strong as we were before.

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