PLEASE READ *Make sure your Sonim phone is not “Hard locked” in which occurs when someone inputs the incorrect code too many times previously. Enter the following information below to quickly do a free search in our database to see if a Sonim unlock code is available for your device! Check your Sonim code availabilityWe quickly scan our IMEI databases to see if a code is available for your device. We need your contact information Your information will be strictly used to deliver the code and instructions to the email address you specify once your order is complete. Once you have finalized and checked that all the information is correct you will be transferred to Paypal's secure payment gateway.

Upon receiving your order and payment we will immediately begin processing your code request. If your Sonim is locked to a certain network, we can help you unlock it for use on other networks or international use. Our Sonim Unlocking process is safe, easy to use, simple and 100% guaranteed to unlock your phone regardless of your GSM network!
However, if you are not sure of the phone’s history, please contact us first as there is absolutely no refunds if there have been too many previous attempts to unlock your phone with an incorrect code.
This is the same method Networks and Carriers will use and charge you $50 and over to unlock your phone.

Once you receive our 8-16 digit Sonim Unlock code and easy to follow instructions, your Sonim phone will be unlocked within 5 minutes and be using a sim card of your choice! Unsupported Nokia Models (DO NOT ORDER THESE!)UnlockMe - Instant Online Nokia Unlock Codes - FREECode Entry Problems?

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