Is PC Backpack The Perfect Solution For VR Gaming?Android Wear Is On The Way Of Becoming A Full Fledged Smartwatch OSHow to play Oculus Rift games on HTC Vive? Over years, cell phone technology has been changing, we have advanced from the old normal cell phones and now we use smart cell phones. In actual sense, cell phones are not bad, but the way some students use them while at school is what can makes them seem bad for education.  For example, if a student starts tweeting non academic material while at school or in the classroom, this will cause distraction to this student which might result into exam failure.
New advanced cell phones have big storage which can accommodate digital books, and they can as well access internet, which helps students make online research or use online educational applications like Library Apps, Online academic platforms, social networks and much more.
On this list, i have compiled the best cell phones for students; you can use these cell phones in school and classroom.
The Nokia Lumia 900 has a touch screen which will make it easy to flip through books and educational websites while at school or in the classroom.
It also has a 4G capability, which will enable you access first wifi internet while at school.
HTC makes one of the best smart phones, with its One X, success, HTC has become Americas best smart phone maker.
Serious research has been undertaken to publish this content, so you're in the right place. I love technology, I believe embracing its potential for personal, business or educational advancement will pave the way forward for us all.
NEWSLETTERSIGN UP!!To keep up with the latest tech and everything fun and weird subscribe to our newsletter. O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. A good example is say you are at school and your friend texts you saying that she is inviting you to a sleepover tonight. A example of this is say you are at school and your cell phone rings your teacher could take it away and your friends could get mad at you.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Every school follows different policies in allowing cell phones to schools and these policies are helpful in restricting the usage to certain level.
Though there are many negative aspects with cell phones, one cannot leave the safety of the parents. Home > Opinions > Education > Should cell phones and music players be allowed in school? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Articles• Phones a factor in school fighting - March 2, story• I am writing in reference to the report in the Sunday Timesabout Freedom High School fights and cell phone textmessaging.• My question is this: Why do students need to havetheir cellphones in class with them?• Shouldnt there be a policy that bans cell phone usage duringschool hours?
Questions• What’s your thought of using Cell Phone inSchool?• Would you use Cell Phone to help studying?• If one day the usage of Cell Phone is totallybanned in this building, what would you do?• What you think about this power point?
I remember when Apple had just released the Ipad, to me it seemed wired because of its size, but now you find many students owning an ipad. But on the other hand, the same cell phone can be used to join an educational discussion on twitter with other fellow students on the campus or from other schools. If you’re a student and you did not get a chance to get any of these smart cell phones in 2012, then make it a point and get any of them in 2013, I guess even new versions will be out in 2013.

Even though it did not become so hot on the market, its features make it a good smart phone for students. With this phone you do not have to bother about a noisy classroom, you can simply do your research from anywhere at school, because it has all basic applications a normal computer would have.
It is slim, light and it has a wide touch screen which can make it easy for students to flip through academic mobile apps, e-books, websites and chat-rooms.
You can always use this first 4G internet to make research online, to watch YOUTUBE educational videos or play online academic videos and puzzles.
Apple products tend to have a certain degree of elegance and functionality compared to other gadgets. We've all heard "knowledge is power", with this website I hope, to some degree, to empower you! Then the teacher calls on you to answer a question and you don’t have any idea what the question is.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Though there are thousands of electronic gadgets, the cell phones have reached the youngster in more number.
Cell phones are also more in useful in studies and the confidence level of the children are enhanced with cell phones. The parent’s worries needs to be justified and the cell phone usage extend should be limited. If there is aprogram that can ensure students learning inphone, then cell phone can be use for learning.If not, it should be banned. Any emergency that needs handling can behandled through teachers and other on-site administrativeand support personnel.• Any communication students need to have during the schoolday other than emergencies should be the old-fashioned wayof waiting until you see the person you want to converse withand speaking with them in person. When it comes to learning, students use these ipads and smart phones for online mobile learning.  Unlike computers or laptops, cell phones are slim and easy to carry.
For each smart cell phone on this list, I will explain how it can help you during your quest for information and learning process as a student. It operates on windows Phone 7.6 which is stable and can handle more than one single task at a go.
With all this space, you can download audio books and listen to them while outside the classroom. The main reasons are they could disrupt class or they could distract other students trying to learn. Unbelievable fact is that about 78% of the teens are having their own cell phones and various advanced features escalated this number. Students should understand the significance of classrooms and they should co-operate with the school officials to ensure security in the campus. So now days most mobile phone manufactures are embedding computer functions in most cell phones.
Schools should not ban use of cell phones at school, but they have to regulate and guide students on how to use these cell phones to improve their academic grades. On this platform, you can join any classroom, join educational discussions and also receive assignments from your teacher. Teachers can take advantage of this technology, by creating digital notes and tell their students to download them and store them on their smart cell phones. It has an internal storage of 32GB , this is enough space to store your electronic books  and audio notes.

Bringing the cell phones to schools is one of the biggest problems faced by educators around the world. Banning the cell phones in the class hours could be the right option and the students can make use of their phones in leisure hours.
Most schools allow their students to go with cell phones to schools, but they have put a limit to when and what to use those cell phones for.
So if you want to read your eBooks, you can simply download them and save them on this phone, then read them at a later stage. This means, a student will listen to a full lecture rather at any time, rather than setting in a boring classroom for a longer period of time. Students can also install Skype on this HTC Droid DNA and have a live chat with their fellow students anywhere in the world. One cell phone policy is completing banning the usage and the cell phones will be confiscated or fined, when the student violates the rule. The partial ban will satisfy both the parent’s safety concern and the student’s wish of bringing cell phones to schools.
It has a good screen resolution, which can help you while reading electronic books and other educational material. Hearing sensor is highly affected with regular usage of phones and the recent research explores that the youngsters are highly affected with Repetitive stress injury. The other policy is allowing the children to bring cell phone and the students can use during their non- instructional hours. The learning process is simplified and it became more interactive with the advancement in technology, so one cannot deny that cell phones are boon to the students. Students and teachers can join an educational discussion while at school using cell phones. Short term and long term injuries are caused with regular text messaging and the cyber bullying makes the case even worse. The cell phones can be positively used in the schools provided the teachers, administers and student’s co-operation.
Cell phone ban in schools is the more controversial issue faced by the school administrators and there is no way to completely prohibit the usage of cell phones in schools. The schools have completely banned the cell phone usage, because this provides the chance to the students get cheated and to involve in unwanted activities. Sometimes teachers may also feel like the cell phones distracts the class and this also leads to disrespecting of the students. Proper administration is required when the cell phones are used within the campus and the teachers and officials should monitor the usage. Many teachers believe that the cell phones are powerful technological tool, which are highly helpful in group projects, research works and curricular related competitions.

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