Apply online for your cellphone contract and get your response the same day.With a wide range of conveniently tailored cellular phone options, we’re ready to help you get your loan application started! If you are a liker of finer things in life, the Hauwei Mate S is the cellphone to have, itis nothing short of spectacular. Download all 10 of our pre-written teen behavior contracts along with our simple and effective teen discipline program. This teen driving contract is a must-have if you are the parent of a teen that is beginning to drive. The new social media craze has made it difficult for parents of teens to know just what their child is doing on these sites and exactly who they are talking to.

Our Online Behavior Contract covers such topics as: content of messages, passwords, privacy, bullying, and more. Unfortunately, there are always going to be teens that dabble and experiment with substances that they should not be dabbling or experimenting with. Our substance use contract addresses such topics as: what is allowed and what is not with regards to specific substances, parties, paraphernalia, and more. Character Traits, School and Academics, Attitude and Appearance, Dating and Socializing, Household Rules and Expectations, and General Behavior.
To purchase ALL of 10 of these teen behavior contracts PLUS the teen discipline program PLUS our set of unique parenting tools for parents of teens click here or on the button below!

Enhance the look of your phone and protect by changing a brand new plastic skeleton to absorb any bumps and shocks 100% new high quality generic (non-OEM). Huawei set out to cater to the high-end premium market and has certainly had a lot of success . Huawei has managed to take the very well-equipped Mate 7 and extend that hardware basis even further.

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