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It's a touch screen slider with next generation, progressive user interface and a large 3" touch screen for real power and performance. This phone may require a separate data plan from your provider in order to use its premium features. What's IncludedLG Tritan UX-840 Slider Phone, US Cellular - New LG UX840 Touch Screen Phone Battery Battery Cover Wall Charger USB Data Cable$ 69.99 WarrantyIn addition to our standard 30 day return policy INCLUDED FREEon all purchases.
One of the things we were disappointed over when the iPhone launched was lack of carrier choice outside of the big, national players. C Spire will get the iPhone 4S sometime soon, bringing Apple’s newest smartphone to a company that serves Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia specifically.

The call quality and reception is amazing, it has a crystal clear screen and graphics are just great! It has a great camera, really nice touch screen, slide out qwerty keyboard, good and loud speaker, and it feels really good in the hand.
I can switch it between virtual QWERTY (horizontal) & number (vertical) keyboards with its G sensor. You have the option to use the touchscreen or just scroll through its external button for the menus. The carrier is a big opponent of the merger, citing how it’s already hard enough for local carriers to get hot devices like the iPhone. I too was wondering about their gadgets and if they are going to get more updated materials.

Announcing that they’re going to carry the iPhone 4S just a few weeks later may mean that the two have some connection. With an extended warranty you can rest assured knowing that your product is guaranteed to function as intended for years to come.

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