VERIZON CELL PHONES FOR SALE NO CONTRACT CHEAPContract noused cell cheap and all you want is . Buying old phones from third party stores is a good choice when you need a replacement phone at a cheap price. Download User Manual for Motorola RAZR V3i - Learn more about the Motorola RAZR V3i by downloading free user manual. Hi hannah, here is a link to the page where you can find a replacement battery for Motorola RAZR V3i. If you enter PUK code number 10 times wrongly then your SIM card will be rejected and you have to buy a new duplicate SIM for your mobile phone. Call to your customer care number from other SIM card of same network and tell your details to them.

This ultra-thin clamshell phone sports updated styling and add set of very anticipated features: a microSD memory card slot, iTunes music player, and speaker-independent voice control. Also the phone features great ultra-thin design along with standard 1-megapixel camera, music player and bluetooth connectivity.
Many people use PIN number for their phone to lock some of the stuff or features.But if you enter PIN number 3 times wrong then your SIM card is blocked and will ask PUK number. They will first verify that you are the owner of that SIM, so they may ask name as registered on form, last call number, billing address, email ID, numbers you recently called, numbers you recently messaged or any other personal details.
Now it asks me for a Puk code and I have it but then its tells me to enter a new pin number and after that verify it.
Yet it still less than inch thick, the Motorola V3i is available today at the lowest price from third-party stores.

Before purchasing a cheap phone read few tips below which may help you avoid common mistakes and purchase the phone with confidence. On the other hand, the phone does not support 3G data connectivity for fast internet and GPS navigation. So keep all these ready when you call, then they will provide a PUK number, enter it and your mobile will be unblocked.

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