Entune Audio leverages the user’s mobile smartphone to provide a richer in-vehicle experience with fully integrated access to navigation, entertainment and information services. At the top of the Sequoia line, the Platinum grade comes with standard Dynamic Laser Cruise Control, which can help maintain a set distance from vehicles ahead. Looks like the cheap prepaid Motorola cell phones that you can find at many of the convenience stores can be used for projects such as this Open GPS Tracker project.

For 2014, the Sequoia SR5 grade adds the new Entune Audio Plus system, while the Limited gets Entune Premium Audio and the Platinum grade has Entune Premium JBL Audio.
Entune App Suite expands music choices with Internet radio, including iHeartRadio and Pandora.
A standard rear seat Blue-Ray entertainment system combines a nine-inch LCD screen with a separate rear seat audio system, including dual wireless headphones.

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