In the world of tech news we are constantly bombarded with studies about one thing or another, comparisons between one company and the next, and tons of information that doesn’t always resonate with everyone. Cowen and Company also asked whether or not the individual in question would switch to another carrier, and the results were astounding.
Now is a time that I have cautiously avoided thinking about for the better sum of ten years. There was a one time activation fee for $25, and all was required was the purchase at the register which would activate the SIM card, and allow for use of the phone.
Activation was easily done at home, and I was able to pick the area code that I wanted for the cellist, as well as have everything still come in my name.
It’s really a nice plan to have when you don’t want to be tied to a contract or overage fees! I definitely think it’s important for a high schooler to have a great reliable phone service to connect.

I found your pin on the Ahalogy FB page- and just wanted to leave a note that I think you guys are the most adorable family ever!
I know that with a smaller class size, and a more intimate school setting, he’ll have more of a social life than he did in grammar school. Just go into your local Walmart, pick out one of the phones that they have available for the Walmart Family Mobile plan, we picked out the $99.88 Nokia Lumia 521 for our mobile phone, activate at the register, and go about your way! I can’t imagine what my MorMor baby and Poppy thought about when my brothers and sister and I had events after school.
There are lots of things that come with moving from grammar school (what we call it here in Chicago) to high school. HELLO, we had no cell phones then, and they rolled their eyes and laughed at the thought of giving us pagers. While I trust the cellist to use the web wisely (hello spot checks) I am grateful that Walmart Family Mobile offers two different plans.

My son will probably be doing enormous amounts of after school activities, and for that he is going to need a reliable mobile phone. My husband and I are going to need the cheapest wireless plans to go along with that mobile phone.
Thank goodness for the Walmart Family Mobile plan available at Walmart stores around the country.

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