There are several smart ways to manage your money – from automating bill payments, managing credit cards, filing an annual tax return, and borrowing only what you need and can afford. Whether you have a chequing or savings account, your money is protected through the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) up to a value of $100,000.
Withdrawals can by made by: cheque, debit card, ABM (cash withdrawal), teller, moving money from one account to another, paying bills online, setting up automatic payments for regular monthly bills. Money can be retrieved from the account by a debit card or ABM transaction (cash withdrawal).
With a chequing account, you have the option of writing cheques to transfer money from your account. Filling out a cheque and signing it, is one way to transfer money from your bank account to someone else whom you want to make a payment or to whom you owe money. A Scotiabank debit card provides instant access to Scotiabank's full range of convenient money management services, including securely accessing your account from any of 55,000 ABM machines displaying the Interac™ logo in Canada, and PLUS logo worldwide. Your PIN is your personal number that lets you get access to your bank accounts at ABMs or point-of-sale machines in stores and restaurants using your debit card.
Credit cards such as a VISA* card, allow the cardholder to charge purchases rather than pay cash. Low-Interest Cards - an optimal card for people who cannot pay off their monthly balance and have to carry it forward. Reward Cards - for avid travelers, this may be the perfect card; these cards commonly have an annual fee of $120 to $180.

Cash-Back Cards - a type of reward card where a percentage of cash is paid to the cardholder, based on the amount spent on eligible purchases (gas, food, bill payments). Charge Cards - these are not technically credit cards although consumers perceive them as such.
Your credit history or credit rating starts from day one - the first time you get a credit card in your name, a loan or line of credit from a bank. Your credit history is recorded in files (Credit Reports) maintained by at least one of Canada's two major credit-reporting agencies, Equifax and TransUnion. Your credit history is a record of, among other things, how you have paid off past debts or loans. If you can't pay the full balance on your credit card, at least pay the minimum balance and make regular payments, with the goal of paying off debts as quickly as possible. Not only do we have simple product solutions to get you started right away and more comprehensive products to help you plan for your dreams, but most importantly many of our Scotiabank advisors were once newcomers themselves and they understand what it's like to start a new life in Canada. Designed specifically for Landed Immigrants who have been in Canada for 3 years or less, to access credit and to help start a business. When writing a cheque, make it payable to the person or organization that is to receive the money, fill in the amount they are to receive, and the date you are making the payment. When considering an applicant's eligibility for a credit card, each newcomer's unique situation is taken into account. The cardholder loads the card electronically with cash, and can't spend more than the card's balance.

Building a good credit rating now will go a long way to help meeting your future financial goals.
Equifax and TransUnion uses a scale from 300-900 to measure your credit worthiness; the higher your score, the lower the risk for the lender. If you have not paid off some debts or made late payments, this will hurt your credit rating and make it more difficult for you to borrow money.
Our Advisors help newcomers succeed in Canada by offering the right products and advice, very often in their language of choice. If you have proven that you can borrow – and pay back – money responsibly, banks and other lenders will be more likely to approve you in the future for loans. It will be a record of your debts - how much you borrowed - when you borrowed - how much you still owe - and when you paid off debts.
The Scotiabank StartRight® Program was designed specifically for newcomers who have been in Canada for three years or less.

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