I have previously written about the benefits of a business telephone number for a small business or new limited company, but how do you go about picking the perfect number for your business? If you are unsure on how to choose the right business telephone number for your limited company, then we’ve got a few tips to help you along! Business Relevant – it’s an obvious point, but the best number would be one that relates to your business. Spelling It With Numbers – The Americans tend to use the letters alongside numbers on the phone keypad to spell out words relevant to their business. Tracking Success – if you are running multiple advertising or marketing campaigns, it’s a good idea to use different business telephone numbers for each. Hide your company’s location – ideal if you’re just starting out from home or are a small local company wishing to reach a national market. This entry was posted in Marketing, Research and Planning and tagged Business Telephone Number, Marketing, ngn, non geographic number on November 29, 2010 by michael.summers. The Company Warehouse began working with Pavenet in 2013 when we completed their company formation for them.
Our relationship with Spirit Journeys began when we completed a free company formation for them.
China Work Visa (also called Z visa or residence permit now) is issued to an alien who comes to China for a post or employment, commercial performance or academic exchanges.
To obtain a work visa from overseas Chinese consulates or visa office in Hong Kong, you are required to provide two basic documents: an Alien Employment License and a Z visa Invitation letter (or called Z visa notification form, Z visa notice). 1) According to the local shanghai immigration policy, For the first time when you apply the Residence permit, you have to show up (the second time no need to show up) in the government to take a digital picture, they need to confirm you are the same person of the passport holder then the officer will accept your visa application.

2) Since the new rules just come out from 1st July 2015, during the procedure, the government officer might ask for extra document or slightly change the time frame, Please understand, we will try our best to get all the details information in advance to avoid that. For more details about first time 1 year working visa application, time frame, procedure, and policies, Please Check HERE! Notice 1: From 1st July 2015, if you have applied twice working visa continuously in shanghai for over 2 years, and haven't violated any immigration laws and local regulations, and then we can help you apply the 5-years residence permit instead of 1-year. Notice 2: 5-years residence permit service is not 100% guarantee (according to our experience, it's less than 20% success rate), the immigration office will make the final decision, if the government denies your application (for example, your company register capital is too small or some other reasons), you will get 1 year residence permit automatically, and we will charge the 1 year fee then. Notice 4: Even you got the 5-years residence permit, if you switch job, you need to give up your current 5-years residence permit and re-apply a new working permit and new residence permit through the new company, If you don't do that, it will be counted as illegal employment and you will face a huge penalty. Notice 1: If Company A and Company B is not in the same industry (for example, Company A is consulting company and company B is restaurant), then the application failure rate is much higher. Notice 2: According to the immigration regulation, after we submit your new Alien Employment permit (with employer B), you need to give up your former residence permit of employer A and change it to a 1 month 0 entry M visa immediately to avoid the illegal employment, it will cost extra money and time. From 1st July 2015, Taiwanese can enter mainland China with visa free, they just need to carry the valid TaiBaoZheng (in English: Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan residents - MTP).
From 1st July 2015, if HK and Macau citizen want to work in mainland China, they only need to apply the working permit, and they don't need to apply the residence permit (small green booklet) anymore. Notice 1: From 1st Jan 2016, shanghai entry-exit bureau request foreigners who got the new passport transfer their old visa to new passport within 1 month (count from new passport issue date), If you don't do that, you will be requested to show up when you renew your next working visa and you will face a warning or small penalty. If you already have numbers in your business name or perhaps a standard local (geographic) number which is memorable and suitable for your business then hunting down a matching non-geographic number should be the logical step. You may choose to have multiple numbers – for your main line, your fax machine, a voice mail service or various departments within your company.

This will allow you to keep track of the success of each campaign and the value of them as well. Founded in 2014 by two snow sports enthusiasts, Ski-hub has worked closely with The Company Warehouse on the everyday running of their business and the improvement of their online presence.
Pavenet is an expert civil engineering company that wished to establish themselves as a leading construction management company. Spirit Journeys specialises in providing customers with a range of specialist holidays in coveted destinations around the globe.
But anyway, it's really a big improvement, you can save a lot of visa cost and you don't need to worry about the visa expiring every year. Find a similar number from our NGN list and contact our business consultants to have your new number set up in around 2 hours.
If you intend to use a business telephone number for a advertising campaign for instance, you want something that’s memorable and easily recognised.
Pick consecutive numbers to ensure your numbers are easily recognisable and related to your business. An 0800 number is ideal here as the freephone nature means there is no barrier for customers wishing to contact you.
You don’t have to worry about informing your phone company and you can keep your standard number for normal use.

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