Outbound Dialing provides users with the ability to make a call and display their Talkroute Phone Number as the Caller ID. Note: You may enter a PIN if you wish for a security code to be required when making an outbound call. The only costs are long distance or toll charges for connections initiated by the host to off-campus participants. If your call will include more than 8 parties, you may use the IP phone conference feature or the ReadyTalk Service. The initial conference call must be established by a UC Irvine IP phone.  Once a second caller has joined the conference, the IP phone can leave the conference without disrupting the conference call. To use the IP Conference Calling feature, you will need to reserve a Conference Number Extension. To reserve a Conference Extension Number, contact OIT Telecommunications Customer Service at (949) 824-5123 (or dial 4-5123 from on-campus) at least 24 hours prior to your conference call.

Dial the Conference Number Extension (given to you by OIT, see information above).  You will hear a tone and be joined to the conference. You will need to instruct off-campus callers to dial (949) 824 – (Conference Number Extension).
New Voicemail System Is HereOn Monday, February 22nd, the campus transitioned to a new voicemail system with expanded storage. New Telephone SystemOIT has successfully completed the replacement of our 30 year old campus telephone system. Outbound Dialing works with any phone and gives users the ability to utilize their device of choice without displaying that device’s Phone Number to the individual receiving the call. If you have activated the security PIN feature, you will be prompted to enter it at this time.
Simply dial the desired Talkroute Phone Number you wish to display on the outgoing Caller ID.

For a telephone conference of up to 16 people, this may the best and most economical choice. Remember, your phone must be listed under Forwarding Phone Number within your account to activate the Outbound Dialing system.
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