Fashion-house thoroughbred Tom Ford revitalised old Florentine fashion brand Gucci into what it is today. The circus may have left town, but with growing recognition of our diverse and beautiful potential venues, The Correspondent has never been more excited about September in St James's. Forfind the phonetelephone enquiries ireland republic of active quarries,business phone numbers republic. The Correspondent went along to see what all the riot of colour, pattern and fabric was all about. En route from New York to Milan, London Fashion Week blew into St James's, blasting away the cobwebs of seasons past. Being tarred with an 'edgy' brush has proved a carte blanche for the risk-taking designer, and freedom from style dictates from on high.

An unconventional start in architecture made a young Tom unremittingly determined to make waves with his eventual post at Gucci, and we've never looked more forward since his breakaway collections under his own name and company. Held in the tardis-like car park underneath the grand houses at Carlton House Terrace, the lighting was red, the drinks were hot (sloe gin gratefully guzzled) and the music was loud. The experience is none-too-dissimilar from a plague of locusts; fashion's commentators and bigwigs digesting their way through a delectable selection of 83 shows over 4 days from across the globe.
Two particular shows in St James's demonstrate this perfectly: Tom Ford at Lancaster House and Thomas Tait in an underground car park. An off-on resident of London, the show at Lancaster House was his first show at LFW, and was a strictly closed-set event. Arranged with The Crown Estate, Thomas Tait transformed the cavernous space with incredible coloured lighting and a quick steady march of models with sharp silhouettes in black, white, fluoro orange and yellow.

Dubbed "venue of the week", the collection was vibrant, highly-patterned and a complex weave of multi-cultural inspirations - in his words, "it's what London is about - It's an international city". Sartorially, with lycra, goose-down and leather, it was a place where high-art met ski-ware, and yet another demonstration of incredible talent from the young designer. Enquiries while in northern ireland contact directory enquiries business and personal telephone. Service forfind the phonetelephone enquiries telecommunications services infind phone numbers republic .

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