Note: The formula bar indicates that this is an array formula by enclosing it in curly braces {}. Explanation: The product of these two ranges (array constant) is stored in Excel's memory, not in an range. Google representatives, especially those high up on the ladder, are no stranger to major events. While Schmidt covered many talking points directly relevant to the event itself, he also went into the details of one particularly booming industry: mobile. To wrap up his discussion of the mobile platform, Schmidt stated that display advertising should link to mobile and that the mobile advertising industry will grow notably to help match this demand.
The air is heavy with hatred of spam as analysts rail against current search indexing tactics, a spam clock having been launched to decry the heavy amount of trash being generated, and some people even burning things to show their rage. Google is well-known for its app suite, especially for the highly popular Gmail. Gmail has shown as one of the most innovative, stable, and all-around awesome utilities on the web. This error occured fairly immediately after a similar glitch in Google Calendar, where approximately .125% of users lost their event and appointment information.
Google has made some recent updates to their interface, including a more succinct settings menu, as easier way to switch between accounts, and a more visual way of navigating between different services. In that post, Alma Whitten, Google’s Director of Privacy, talks about the importance of having different approaches to the web.
Second, Whitten (if that is his real name) talks about the importance of pseudonyms, especially for those who are activists, have embarassing conditions that they want to get more information about, or for any other reason want a consistent voice without being personally identified.
The critical thing for Whitten is that users have the ability to choose and that they know which status they’re currently in.
While it doesn’t do much to address the core privacy concerns, or the (sometimes hilariously wild) claims of competing groups like DDG, it is a step toward helping users keep a shield of anonymity, and does make the company stance on pseudonyms especially clear. According to Yahoo, one of the great things uncovered was the revelation on user habits on the web. It was a dead heat for the top story this week between the algo changes and the Overstock affair.
Overstock Gets Penalized by Google – This was the other big story last week and yours truly was right in the thick of things. How To Get The Most Search Engine Marketing Value From Key Content Initiatives – in interesting, if not a bit brief, by my standards, post from Eric Edmonds via SEL.
Click Distribution & Percentages by SERP Rank – while one does have to take this kind of data with a grain of salt, it is always interesting to get a sense of CTR rates for various query spaces.
The SEO Industry needs to grow a pair – while I may not agree with all of Alan’s suppositions in this post, there are many that I do. Attending an information-rich convention is just as important, if not more-so, for new business owner and startupss than for established companies. There are also excellent panels, ridiculous after parties, and some of the biggest (or growing) names in the industry.
Conferences can also be a great way to generate a little buzz and build some brand recognition. Although this event is targeted to young companies, SXSW has built a very respectable reputation over the past 25 years. To illustrate what a successful trip to SXSW can do for your startup, consider the fact that social media giant Twitter launched their platform at a previous conference. Part of their meteoric rise can be attributed to the engaged attendees at that year’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival- it’s probably one of the most talked about ones with the most buzz early in the year. A startup accelerator that we’ve seen before at SXSW (TechStars) launched Startup Madness yesterday. TechStars will then go through all the nominations and pick 64 to participate in Startup Madness. Just like many startup goals include going global, TechCrunch Disrupt has taken their tour to an international platform.
Brand new startups are invited to fight it out in a winner-take-all competition known as the Disrupt Battlefield. If you think you have what it takes, compete with other hopeful entrepreneurs for the chance to launch your new company on the main TechCrunch stage in front of the best minds and biggest influences in the tech field. Along with this honor, you’ll receive a $50,000 prize, the “Disrupt Cup,” full bragging rights, and a myriad of open doors. What it really comes down to is Google needs to stop deceiving site owners in competitive markets. Then Google takes action against spammers or against some other perceived problematic aspect of their SERPs. No, this latest problem for some otherwise innocent site owners is not the first of its kind. The day after the Farmer update was announced, I was contacted for help from a prospective client.
So most of those pages are more confused in topic specifics because of the navigation, sidebar and footer content on them. Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.

Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it. Where things went REALLY bad for this particular site, is that over the years, competitors copied most of those descriptions. How are most site owners supposed to know they have to hire a professional or that they have to teach themselves advanced SEO? The topical focus factor is really weak on this particular site because of these things, though it’s made worse in how they chose to assign keywords to their site. Yet enough that it should have been their first warning that they needed outside professional help. Like most in codependent relationships, they tried to just muddle along, hoping things would get better. To be sure my intuition was right once again, I spent the past several days pouring over data across a lot of sites I’ve had direct responsibility for the tasking on. I had to take the time to look at seasonal factors, other marketing promotional factors, localization factors.
I want to take what I’ve observed this past few days and turn it into its own case study. And besides – would you rather I focus on a boring case study, or make sure I pick a really good venue for the next two #EpicDinners I’m working on for SMX West and Advanced? Except that would mean the sick family member everyone else relies upon will have changed their ways. Although I haven’t completely ditched running those ranking reports, I’ve come up with more of a hybrid approach to tracking SEO improvements. Track and trend keyword category traffic fluctuations so you can see a more holistic view of what type of organic of traffic is increasing or decreasing. Within each category, identify the best “exact match” keywords that represent that category.
Cross reference average ranking changes in each category to organic traffic from exact match keywords using the vlookup function in Excel. By looking at traffic from keyword categories as a whole, in addition to rankings and their corresponding visits you can get a better idea in terms of how search position is impacting traffic.
I would love to throw this out to the readers to get feedback on how others are dealing with this.
Telephone interview surveys are used in the event that more detailed information is needed. Our Online Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) service complete with real-time, online Online CATI reporting integrates phone with online surveys. When you’re done entering spaces, you get a perfectly symmetrical puzzle with all the numbers in the right places. If the space above or the left has a space, it figures the largest number above and to the left and adds one. That reminds me of an article I once read where a guy who composed crosswords for the Times said that he liked to catch the train to London and effortlessly complete the Times crossword. To get the sum of the product of these two ranges (FALSE=0, TRUE=1), use the SUM function and finish by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER. This is especially true for Eric Schmidt who, over the years, has given keynote addresses at almost every top technology and business event even slightly related to his industry.
Perhaps most telling, though, is the popularity of sites with strong mobile features, such as YouTube, which gets roughly 200 million playbacks per day on the mobile platform alone. He claims that the industry, currently about a $17 billion business, will (according to Schmidt) reach the $200 billion mark in years to come. While Google hasn’t necessarily joined this bandwagon, they have acknowledged the problems and have started implementing solutions.
This list is fairly controversial because it seems to support giant sites at the expense of user-generated content elsewhere. Nevertheless, the service has just experienced a glitch so bad that it has some users wishing that Larry Page and Sergey Brinn had never given birth to their mental lovechild. Google has promised that a restoral will take place to give users access to all this mission-critical data.
Analysts have put a variety of potential uses on these changes, ranging from simply updating the graphics to setting the framework for Google +1, the Google social network that may not be as big of a disaster as Buzz. Whitten makes it clear that users are permitted to use a pseudonym when signing up for Google services. Beyond some practical benefits, certain services, such as Google Checkout, simply rely on it, so it has its place too. For that reason, he states, the recent update puts the name of the account that’s currently active ina more prominent position, and make logging out or switching those account easier and more intuitive than before. While some users and search sites cry out that data shouldn’t be stored, others are proponents of keeping user data to help deliver higher quality results. Last week was a bit of an odd one as there were a few dramas that seemed to take up a LOT of attention (Overstock and algo update).
Just like JC Penney and Forbes before it, the folks at Overstock got the Google smack down for some shoddy link building tactics.

There’s also some healthy discussions going on in the comments, as such, a worth addition to this edition. This experience allows hopeful entrepreneurs to establish important contacts and to learn about the newest trends in their industry. In fact, some of the most successful internet startups have staged their official launch at a prestigious event. For everyone else, the letters stand for South by Southwest, the premier event for music, film, and interactive newcomers.
Expect to see the latest and greatest startups, as well as industry insiders and interested investors at SXSW. It’s a  bracket style tournament to ultimately determine one startup to receive a crazy amount of prizes. This year, this impressive startup convention will be held in New York, San Francisco, and Beijing. But, if you require an answer… whether you choose to attend one or all of these exciting hi-tech events, this could be your key to a successful startup. Since they offer some great products, over the years, they slowly built up over 43,000 inbound links.
This segment will be for organic traffic that includes all the base keywords you’ve identified for that category.
AmericanMuslim360 (AM360) AmericanMuslim360 Premium Channel is about Islam and being Muslim in American.
Our experienced, qualified staff members perform the interviews in-house, and information can be relayed almost immediately with our services including Survey duplication, Questionnaire testing, Number lookups, Training interviewers, Implementing the survey, 1-800 live operators telephone interviews and mailbox services.(Delivered by modem transfer, by mail in manuscript, magnetic tape or floppy disk). Watch the survey being completed question by question and save time generating reports with report-ready graphs.(Delivered to you by modem transfer, by mail in manuscript, magnetic tape or floppy disk). There is a problem when more black squares are added that the crossword numbers as if single letter words are accepted.
If you put a space in D3 and D4 the cell C4 is numbered as if it is the start of a word across (it can’t be the start of a word down as cell C3 is the start of the word down). It’s no surprise, then, that he would be selected for the opening keynote at the IAB Leadership Conference. The two major elements introduced thus far have been a Chrome extension that will get user feedback on which sites are spam, and an update to the search algorithm designed to demote low-quality content. All of those sites received more than a 90% visibility loss, according to the Sistrix index. The need for higher visibility on some of these massive page collections was clear (for example, Facebook and eBay both essentially swallowed their user-generated items completely), but it’s quite evident that the groups benefiting is comprised of those that are already large and well-established.
It may seem extreme, but you’d be upset too if you entered your inbox only to find that your entire account – including messages, contacts, and attachments – had all been completely wiped out. However, if Google doesn’t shape up soon, they will quickly lose their reputation for stability. However, the Google Public Policy Blog has given us another potential reason: helping users maintain appropriate anonymity. First, you can be unidenitified, providing nothing more than the bear minimum information (your IP Address and Cookies) for the web and search. Since Bing already made it known that heavier personalization would be present in that algorithm, it no shock that Yahoo would be giving a similar line. Google is looking to further curtail thin content and attribution issues and it is affecting some 12% of queries.
Personally, I am still seeing a fair amount of thin content in the SERPs, which was supposed to be one of the goals here. I was also looking around a bunch of query spaces over the last few days and found myself wondering many of the same things that Michael did.
You might want to note that the SXSW conference will be held in Austin, TX from March 11 to March 20. Even if you’re not launch-ready, getting a closer look at the competition can help you prepare for the next big conference- whether that be in person or stalking some online through Startup Madness. I could not get it going for a while, being a novice with Excel, but a great light shone suddenly & I realised what I was doing wrong!
The glitch took the form of a complete account reset, removing all saved features, messages, etc., and re-sending the welcome message. While Google does store data in multiple data centers, this particular glitched wiped out all the networked copies. In addition to the challenges of tracking rankings for a set of targeted keywords, what SEO’s often miss out on is the ability to take credit for increasing traffic of OTHER keywords that weren’t targeted – often the long tail – that improved as a result of website optimization efforts. AmericanMuslim360 has programing space available for Muslims who wish to host their own show.
Not just to deal with the Farmer Update, but to inoculate the site against other changes I anticipate Google will be making in the coming months and years.

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