Earlier today, we reported on how a security researcher managed to collect countless phone numbers and their corresponding Facebook names with very little effort before the company could stop him. The ability to search for a person by phone number is intentional behavior and not a bug in Facebook.
This will make sure that if someone visits your profile, they cannot see your phone number unless they are your friend. This is the part that the researcher exploited to essentially build his Facebook phone book. Change the “Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided?” to Friends, and anything else you think should be changed.
If the above scared you, maybe you shouldn’t have your phone number on Facebook in the first place. Users can access Find Friends in Facebook for iPhone by clicking the Friends icon on the home screen, and then the arrow button in the top right corner. These Facebook native mobile apps don’t allow users to edit their profiles, but the new updates can generate a special prompt asking users to add their phone number to their profile.
By encouraging users to add their phone numbers, Facebook is looking to become a sort of cloud-phonebook.
Get a Printable Phone List of All Your Facebook Friends Tech Guides About Us Work 01 Dec 2007 Get a Printable Phone List of All Your Facebook Friends Create a phone directory of all your Facebook Friends in one click – it has the telephone numbers, name and profile pictures of your Facebook friends neatly arranged on one page ready to print.

All he had to do was write an automated script to exploit some basic Facebook privacy settings.
By default, your privacy settings allow everyone to find you with search and friend finder using the contact info you have provided, such as your email address and phone number. This means that even if your profile is public (it probably shouldn’t be), your phone number is not visible to the public.
To modify them, click on the drop-down menu in the top-right corner on Facebook and choose “Privacy Settings.” Next, scroll down to “How You Connect” and click on the blue “Edit Settings” link on the right-hand side. This will stop someone from being able to look you up on Facebook if they have your phone number. Over the years, he has covered the tech industry for multiple publications, including Ars Technica, Neowin, TechSpot, ZDNet, and CNET. When users import their contacts from their email provider, they’re shown a list of non-friends they can send requests or invites to join Facebook to. Having stored someone’s number may be a better indicator of friendship than having emailed them, so these mobile iterations of Find Friends might help Facebook make more accurate friend suggestions than the web version. As such, if someone writes a script that picks random phone numbers and searched for them on Facebook, as the security researcher did, they can link phone numbers to Facebook profiles, which include people’s names and other information.
If you don’t give information to Facebook, those who use the social network can’t use it to find you, or against you.

Thankfully, if that person is your Facebook friend – you can easily view his or her phone number by logging into your Facebook account. Facebook also uses the data to power friend suggestions for both the person who uploaded the contacts and the contacts on the list.
The prompt explains “When your number is on your profile, friends can use Facebook to call you.
Contacts section of your Facebook profile show listing of Facebook friends along with their mobile phone numbers. While a fundamental part of to site’s growth and loyalty strategy, Facebook has also had to respond to German privacy concerns about the feature with changes.
Only friends who have chosen setting to show phone number to other Facebook friends will have phone number listing along with their name.See Mobile Phone number of friends on Facebook1. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.
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