Facebook says it has patched a security hole related to a little-known phone number search within Facebook.
Last Friday, independent security researcher Suriya Prakesh published a blog post in which he claimed that a€?98 percent of your phone numbers [on Facebook] are not safe.a€? In the post, Prakesh demonstrated that a brute-force attack could be used to lookup sequential phone numbers on Facebook and match them with their respective user names. But first, a little background: It seems as though not many people realize this, but if you know someonea€™s phone number you can usually easily look them up on Facebook.
Let me explain, because (surprise, surprise) Facebook doesna€™t make that distinction very clear.
When you add a phone number or an email address to your Facebook profile, you can choose whether it shows up to everyone, friends only, just yourself, or to a custom list of people. By default, this setting is set to allow everyone and anyone to search for your email address or phone number on Facebook to find your Facebook profile. So what Prakesh discovered was that Facebooka€™s phone number lookup, coupled with peoplea€™s ignorance of how Facebook privacy works (or rather, doesna€™t work), could be exploited using a few choice pieces of code. Anyway, Facebook said Wednesday that it fixed thisa€“Prakesha€™s post now notes that he can no longer look up 10,000 phone numbers at a time. Facebooka€™s phone number and email address lookup feature has long been the stalkera€™s secret.
Prakesha€™s exploit used sequential phone numbersa€“he didna€™t know the phone numbers of the people he was trying to find, he was just harvesting numbers.
The easiest solution is to not add your phone number or email address to your Facebook account. This is pretty easya€“and a lot of people do it, thinking it will make their information completely private.
After you make your email address and phone number private, you have to also make them unsearchable. Go to How You Connect > Edit Settings > Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided? Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores.
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We were told last month Facebook had been working on a new version of its iPhone client with Graph Search and testing a major rethinking to the standalone instant messaging software, Facebook Messenger (a free download from the App Store).

Today, the social networking behemoth announced a new Messenger experience is now available for limited testing on Android and coming soon to iOS. While Facebook won’t let you text a phone number from Messenger, the company plans to use phone numbers in a new way: to identify its users, just like in WhatsApp. Then, the app can match you with people whose numbers you have, but whom you aren’t Facebook friends with. More importantly, the new Messenger even lets you instant-message non-users, via their phone number. True, although Facebook have funnily enough removed text messaging integration from Android Messenger now anyway.
Kind of weird timing for Facebook to backtrack on text message integration too, as Android 4.4 will allow you to change your default text messaging app.
Specifically, the social network now limits the number of phone number lookups that any given IP address can perform on Facebook.
Simply type the phone number into Facebooka€™s search bar and any profile associated with that phone number will pop upa€”even if that person has set their phone number to private.
There are two different privacy settings associated with phone numbers (and email addresses) on Facebook: One relates to what shows up on your profile, and one relates to what others can use to look you up on Facebook. And since many people assume that setting their phone number or email address to private on their profile means that ita€™s private, most people never realize they need to change this setting as well. Facebook did say that, at the time of Prakesha€™s experiment, it had a system in place for a€?preventing the malicious usage of [its] search functionality,a€? but it has since tweaked the system to be a little more sensitive. I admit to using it a time or two when Ia€™ve been curious, or when Ia€™ve wanted to find someone who has a particularly generic name. Facebook doesna€™t require a phone number (except for some features, such as two-factor authentication), but it does require an email address.
On your About page, go to Contact Info > Edit (youa€™ll have to re-enter your password), and then check out the column on the right-hand side.
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Facebook guarantees your messages will reach somebody’s inbox if you have their phone number. Some of Frankie's family members are Mario L Ramirez, Jeannette Ramirez and Francisco O Ramirez. However, the other privacy setting, which relates to what people can use to look up your Facebook profile, is tucked away in Facebooka€™s privacy settings, under How You Connect.
I suggest setting up a a€?social networking-onlya€? email address to use just for Facebook and junk mail. Next to each piece of contact info you have listed, click the little arrow and choose Only Me. You cana€™t choose Only Me for this settinga€“but you can prevent people who are not your explicit Facebook friends from looking you up using a phone number or an email address.
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