By checking this box, you are giving Hair Dynamics Education Center permission to contact you via e-mail, text messaging, mail and telephone in regards to the programs we offer.
Whether you’re interested in becoming a cosmetologist, nail technician, hair stylist or esthetician, Hair Dynamics Education Center offers a complete and comprehensive curriculum and path to success.
If you’ve been dreaming about a career in the beauty industry, it’s time you made those dreams come true at Hair Dynamics Education Center. FREE FAFSA ASSISTANCE United Way of Greater Mercer County can help you le your free application for federal student aid for FREE!

We respect your privacy - your information will never be sold or shared and is for our contact purposes only. We’ve been helping people just like you reach their goals and dreams for more than 23 years.
And while there are other schools you could attend, they don’t offer the personal attention and commitment to training you’ll find at Hair Dynamics Education Center.
Professionally Tax Returns Tax Returns FREE for families than individuals Another FREE service:Professionally prepared preparedFREE for families and individuals making lessand $52,000!

We’re a fully accredited, state approved Title IV school with a proven methodology of teaching and an even more impressive track record of success.

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