If you plan on staying in Canada for more than a year it is worthwhile to join a phone company with a cell plan.
However, there are new up-and-coming cell phone service providers (Koodo, Wind, Mobolicity and Public Mobile, for example) that are giving these companies a run for their money by offering cheaper rate plans. If your plan does not have unlimited calling then beware that the monthly limit will be used for incoming calls as well as outgoing calls.
If you plan to embark on a career or do any kind of professional work in Canada, it is recommended that you sign up to a cell plan with data and unlimited texting and calling, at least for local calls. A stark reminder that you are up against it when looking for value with cell phones in Canada. Many providers offer international calling or international texting packages as standard so you can keep in touch with home. If you travel to the US often, it may be worth considering purchasing a US SIM card or using your foreign SIM card as Canadian roaming rates are very expensive. Petro-Canada offers pre-paid mobility phones that offers good value for money: Petro Canada Prepaid (Rogers Network).
Canadians are being offered more wireless choice than ever, so you might find yourself comparing Mobilicity vs. For many years, the wireless phone industry in Canada has been dominated by three major corporations.
As such, industry analysts and casual users alike have said that the Canadian market is in need of greater competition. When looking at these two new carriers, they actually share many similarities in terms of business philosophy and business strategy.
On the surface, the two companies can appear to be quite similar, but they are not without their differences either. Without getting too technical, the cellular technology in use with both Wind Mobile and Mobilicity is not the same as the 3G technology being used by Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility and Rogers Wireless. In this way, if you choose to bring your own unlocked cell phone to either of these new carriers, you have to make sure that the wireless technology being used is compatible with the network.
As of this writing, Mobilicity has its cell phone towers set up in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, and Ottawa.

The different cell phone plans will certainly vary over time and region, but you'll find that the rates offered by both Mobilicity and Wind Mobile are quite competitive.
The ones that hold the majority of the nationwide market share are Telus, Bell, Rogers and Fido. Their phones are pretty basic, but if you don’t care about having the latest Blackberry or iPhone, then these companies might be right for you. Michael contacted us on our Facebook forum to tell us about this website, where you can check which network will support your phone.
You will probably find that it gives you greater freedom and opportunity to establish yourself and network.
I get service outside of Vancouver city, never had any problems using it anywhere in greater vancouver and Burnaby and I make calls and use the data internet out in the middle of nowhere in Surrey on a daily basis. Even though there are more than three Canadian cell phone providers, the major nationwide providers actually control many of the smaller brands. It was with that in mind that a wireless spectrum auction was held and some new carriers have since emerged from that auction.
For instance, unlike Bell, Telus, and Rogers, Mobilicity and Wind Mobile largely operate without contracts.
Here are some of the commonalities and differences shared between Mobilicity and Wind Mobile.
The Google Nexus S, for instance, is compatible since it uses the 1700MHz AWS band for its 3G wireless technology. Wind Mobile will certainly shift and change over time, the current lead in cellular coverage (as of this article's writing) goes to Wind Mobile.
When going outside of the city, you could find yourself "roaming" in an "away zone" and this could result in many additional fees and surcharges. Wind Mobile's coverage is similar, but it also includes Whistler, Calgary, and many Ontario suburban areas.
During the holiday 2010 shopping season, for instance, both carriers were offering a special $40 unlimited plan. These companies offer special rate plans and usually offer discounts on mobile phones if you commit to a one or two-year contract.

It might also save you money in the long run, as you will not incur additional charges beyond the monthly fee. Be wary, however, that at the moment coverage does not extend beyond the main cities in Canada and you will get charged a roaming rate for use outside city limits. They're both relatively new to this market and they seem to be providing similar services and phones at similar price points, so what really is the difference between the two? This means that you can sign up for a service and walk away at just about any time, rather than locking yourself to a three-year contract.
Called AWS (advanced wireless services), the cell phones operate on the 1700MHz band (frequency). That said, neither carrier is currently able to offer the same kind of extensive coverage being offered by Canada's three major nationwide carriers.
If you are unsure about coverage, be sure to check out the company's respective websites for the most up-to-date information. This plan included such features as unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited US long distance, unlimited global text messaging, caller ID, voicemail, and even unlimited data. Read the different user reviews that are available online, not only about reception and phone quality, but also about customer service, billing, and other concerns.
Similarly, Koodo Mobile operates under the Telus banner and Fido is a sub-brand working under Rogers Communications. Whether you choose to go with Mobilicity, Wind Mobile, Public Mobile, Solo Mobile, or any number of other carriers, you'll want to put in a suitable amount of research first. Data bandwidth is pretty reasonable and unlimited – nowhere near 4G levels but typical of 3G. I see all the rest of my friends paying 60 a month on Chat-r or Fido and getting 100 MB data, I think Wind is Vancouver’s best kept secret.

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