If you own a cell phone, and in particular one of the newer ones, then you are already aware of the free cell phone wallpaper that is available for your cell phone. If for some reason you can’t find the free cell phone wallpaper you are looking for, you can also upload your own pictures and create your own wallpaper page.
Please note that there are actually two Nokia graphics formats when you are downloading your free cell phone wallpaper. A neat feature of a lot of cell phones, which is like free cell phone wallpaper but more specialized is a group graphic. There are so many thousands of different free cell phone wallpaper available for your cell phone these days.

You can get wallpaper of celebrities, models, animals, nature, cars, sports, greetings, and many others.
There gallery offers over 10,000 pictures, and anyone can upload their own photo or picture to their site and the photo will be converted to all mobile phone formats on the market. One is for the GSM phones (the majority of them), and the other is for some American TDMA technology phones such as the popular Nokia 8260. A group graphic is a graphic that can be uploaded to your phone and linked to certain callers so that a particular graphic appears when a specific person is calling.
You can personalize the look, feel, and the sounds of your cell phone to make at as personalized as humanly possible.

For starters they offer fifty free cell phone wallpapers for you to download to your phone. If you can’t find wallpaper from their site, you’re not looking hard enough, or very hard to please! Most websites will specialize in one format, not both, so be careful to make sure they have the right format for your phone.

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