Patterns are helpful in lots of ways, from building kids' visual discrimination skills to strengthening logical reasoning. When the coal seam is fairly close to the surface yet too deep to use surface mining, a slope mine can be built, with the mine entrance being a tunnel which slants down from the surface to the coal seam.
A drift mine is a mine in which the entry is directly into a horizontal coal seam exposed at or near the surface.
Miners remove the coal by drilling a hole, or shaft, in the ground until they reach the layer of coal. The conveyor belt then carries the coal away from the seam, and it is loaded into shuttle cars.
A Pattern Play Word PuzzleDESIGN - TWO - SHAPEMINEDirections: Color all the hexagons (six-sided shapes) that have the same letters as the word MINE.

The numbers from 1 - 26 are arranged numerically with each letter of the alphabet matched with one of the numbers as the code.
SURFACE MINING IS USED WHEN A COAL SEAM IS LOCATED LESS THAN TWO HUNDRED FEET BELOW THE GROUND SURFACE.6. All of the spaces not used for needed words are filled with the letters in the word ENERGY. A Word Seek Word PuzzleFIVE - WAY ENERGY WORD SEARCHInstructions for Exercise:Students will find the word UNDERGROUND across or down. Some of the letters in the squares can be used to spell the word UNDERGROUND while others will not allow the word to be spelled. All of the words remaining will complete the sentence, THERE ARE STILL LARGE SUPPLIES OF COAL YET TO BE MINED.13.

Then move one box at a time, in any direction but slantwise, using the products of the 9's. Begin from one of the four THERE words on the outer edges and move forward, either right or left, but never slantwise.

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