We briefly touched on what Number matching involves and now we’ll take a closer look at why you should concern yourself with the process. Data Plates – Data plates can provide you with an idea of what number ranges you should find.
Intake Manifolds – Intake manifold matching can help you determine if not only the intake manifold is a matching original piece but also if some of the components attached to it would be the original equipment.
Carbs – Carburetors are tough because they are often times replaced for more favorable performance or because the tune up components are so shot that it makes it impossible to restore.
Transmission – Your first instinct is to climb under the antique car and have a look around.
It appears that the one or two prefix letters at the front of vin # that indicate a 6 cylinder or V8 or not included on the frame rail.
I still have my very first car a (57 Chevy Bel Air 2 door sedan) and several 5 6 and 7's now. I used my wife's magnified make up mirror and a led work light, it does take a minute to figure out when it's upside down AND backward. Ford offered Marmon-Herrington four-wheel drive conversions on select vehicles from the 1930s into the early 1960s. To a certain group of British motorists, Christmas doesn’t so much hold the promise of holiday cheer, drinking eggnog, and unwrapping presents.
Join us each week for interviews and discussions with the foremost personalities in the collector car hobby. Overhead camshafts and hemispherical cylinder heads might have become commonplace engine attributes over the years, but rotary valves and integrated supercharging remain radical engine design concepts.
The material on this site may not reproduced, distributed, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of American City Business Journals. The British penny had the same size and composition (bronze, 95% copper) from 1860 to 1970.
Somebody should buy this car and bring it to the Watkins Glen vitage festival this year (Mini is the featured marque)! As far as the coins go, I’ll stick with collecting paper money, just as long as it’s negotiable! I know what you mean, I felt the same way about Madonna and Michael Jackson back in the day. Yes, Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever were released as a double A side 45 rpm single in 1967, prior to Sargeant Pepper album later that summer. If memory serves, Mini’s were first made as a Morris but a bit later as an Austin which sold better. Now you should have a handle on understanding drive train specifications, or at least an idea of what to look for based on my example.

Like I said before, the engine and transmission in a restorable classic car are the most likely things to have changed over time due to the need to repair the engine and transmission.
I bought this car from a guy in West Virginia who tried to hot rod the car, but he was divided between 2 projects at the time and the best of his efforts seemed to have gone to the other car, a 69 Camaro.
Sad to say but true, the part identification tags on a lot of classic cars were the first things to disappear when the engine, transmission and differential were worked on. I did not want to pay the price the seller was asking for the car with the motor included so we negotiated a lower price.
Finding a replacement chevy small block is easy, but finding a chevy small block from 1964 takes a bit of work.
One point to consider for a 64 Impala was that GM did not start matching engine serial numbers to the vehicle identification number until 1965. I don't need to be concerned about serial numbers for my Impala project, but if you are shopping for a restorable classic car you will need to be familiar with serial number locations. Chevy small block engine serial numbers are stamped on the front of the engine block between the cylinder head and the water pump. The differential serial number was stamped on the left front side of the differential carrier casting. I pulled this 1969 Camaro out of a heated garage where its been sitting for a very long time.
The right mechanic can fabricate what’s needed to preserve the original carbs and you should always look for authentic factory stamped carburetors when valuing your classic car. The vin plate is missing on door jamb so we peeled back the floor to expose the number on the frame rail.
Is there a better way to get from point A to point B than in a car you’ve poured your own blood, sweat and (occasionally) tears into?
I have always been a big admirer of Morris cars, especially the Bullnose and the Minor, and find that a little of the Beatles goes a very long way. I believe it was the first double A side released; both to be included on the US version of the Magical Mystery Tour album in order to lengthen the British LP of the same name. Mechanics outside of dealerships did not seem to recognize the value in putting them back on the car when re-assembling the parts.
I did find a 283 several months later that came out of a 64 chevelle, so I wasn't hurting for an engine to rebuild. Therefore, the engine serial number could not be matched to a vehicle other than by the year of the casting.
The classic car you are looking for may have the engine serial number in a different location depending on the make of the classic car.
The 4 speed standard transmission was stamped on the case immediately behind the side shift cover.

The book, Chevrolet by the numbers, on the bookshelf menu to the right ( click on chevrolet vin numbers ) covers all aspects of chevy serial numbers from 1955 to 1975.
Unique identification plates can be found on any and all components but similarities can carry throughout. Transmissions typically have a plate with their born on dates and information that leads back to the antique’s gearing. Perhaps it would be the same for you if you lived as near to Liverpool as I do, and had to listen to the BBC Radio 1 in the period when it seemed to play nothing but Beatles or Stones music. The differential looked to be original, but we need to look at the identification tag, if it is still there. The powerglide automatic serial number was located on the side of the transmission pan next to the servo cover on the right side. Additonal identification numbers would be on a tag at the filler plug, if the tag is still there. The chevy shop manual will provide vehicle specific details, but not in as much detail as chevrolet by the numbers. The problem with this location for the serial number is that transmission pans are replaced when damaged, so the serial number may not be original. It has over 4000 pennies epoxied to the skin of the car and is covered in lacquer to prevent oxidation from turning them green.
Fortunately for me, he considered the powerglide disposable so decided to leave it in the trunk. Several pennies date back to the late 1800’s, and even a few valuable Queen Victoria pennies have been found on the car. Paul McCartney commissioned at least 2 Penny Lane Minis which appear to have been done exactly like this one. One is located in Cornwall, England at a place called Cornish Goldsmiths and the other at a Rock and Roll Museum in San Francisco. The company eventually went under and one of the former employers bought the car for himself.
They took it to car shows regularly and offered prizes to the people who could come closest to guessing the correct amount of pennies on the car.
The family estimated that the car, over the years, raised up to 750,000GBP for local charities in the Liverpool area.

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